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  • X+Y (2015)
  • Drama, Comedy,
  • A socially awkward teenage math prodigy finds new confidence and new friendships when he lands a spot on the British squad at the International Mathematics Olympiad.
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X+Y 2015
  • XX/XY (2002)
  • Drama, Comedy, Romance,
  • When two college students, Sam and Thea, meet Coles at a party, their mutual attraction is immediate, leading to a passionate and awkward night together, and the onset of an intensely charged bond. As they continue to push the sexual boundaries of their friendship, however, they are tested by Sam and Coles' incipient romance and Thea's increasing recklessness, until the relationship dissolves amid a cloud of fear, resentment and mistrust. Eight years later they reunite. An animator for a high-profile ad agency, Coles now lives with Claire, his girlfriend of five years. Thea is happily married to Miles, with whom she owns a flourishing restaurant. And Sam has just returned to Manhattan after working in London where she recently broke off her engagement. Yet upon reconnecting, the three are drawn back into the complicated dynamic that defined their relationship from the start and are forced to confront the true meaning of commitment and love.
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XX/XY 2002
  • X-Force (1)
  • Action, Comedy, Science Fiction,
  • A time-traveler assembles a team of mutants in order to prevent the wrecked future he came from.
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X-Force 1
  • XXL (2004)
  • Comedy,
  • Fali (Oscar Jaenada) has been blessed with an ample gift below the belt. But his extra-large asset ends up getting him into trouble when he agrees to help his friend (Antonio Dechent) get rid of his annoying lover and save his marriage. Fali's romantic entanglements are all the more hilarious considering the only reason he's doing it is so he can get the dream car he's always wanted: a brand-new BMW.
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XXL 2004
XX Ray
  • XX Ray (1992)
  • Comedy, Science Fiction,
  • The discovery of XX Ray – a device that allows one to see through things, becomes a disaster when Anuar deliberately sneaks it out and brings it to a party. In the struggle to save this device from Karim, Amir becomes invisible. Will Anuar and Amir succeed in getting the device back or will Amir remain invisible?
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XX Ray 1992
X Confident
  • X Confident (2013)
  • Comedy,
  • Iris is the hot new temp everyone loves, except one co-worker wants "her" secret exposed.
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X Confident 2013
X's & O's
  • X's & O's (2007)
  • Drama, Comedy, Romance,
  • Relationship issues arise between a researcher with a theory to explain away all his failed dating experiments, a player who wants out of the game, a deejay whose head spins with thoughts of God, a hoodrat with no street cred, a poet not-so-well-versed in the art of love, and a womanipulator of men.
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X's & O's 2007
X: Janda-Jandaku Gangster
  • X: Janda-Jandaku Gangster (2012)
  • Action, Comedy,
  • 5 ex-wife. One true love. Are you brave enough? Hafiz was a man who believed in love, but unlucky in love. In early adolescence before, he was arrested wet that he was forced into marriage with a woman who berperwatakan tomboy. Although there is no love, there are similarities in their Hafiz makes life happy.
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X: Janda-Jandaku Gangster 2012
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