2011 "Welcome to his jungle."
5.2| 1h42m| PG| en

Kindhearted Griffin Keyes is one of the best-loved caretakers at the Franklin Park Zoo, but since he is more comfortable with the animals than with females of his own species, his love life is lacking. When Griffin decides that the only way to get a girlfriend is to find a more-glamorous career, the animals panic. To keep him from leaving, they reveal their secret ability to talk and offer to teach him the rules of courtship, animal-style.


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TinsHeadline Touches You
Precisett This movie is magnificent!
ShangLuda Admirable film.
Chirphymium It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional
Python Hyena Zookeeper (2011): Dir: Frank Coraci / Cast: Kevin James, Rosario Dawson, Leslie Bibb, Donnie Wahlberg, Ken Jeong: The theme is suppose to represent our inner being or being true to oneself. This film begins with promise as Kevin James proposes to his girlfriend only to get dumped because she isn't satisfied that he is a zookeeper. He begins to have second thoughts about his career choice until the animals begin talking to him. This at first freaks him out, then he decides to take their advice regarding relationships. James has fun with the material as he struggles to adapt to his new speaking companions. He also struggles in dealing with his ex and new egotistical boyfriend. We know many things that he will do. He will come to his senses and go with the female co-worker. He will remain at the zoo, and he will take the depressed gorilla out on the town. Rosario Dawson was splendid in films such as Clerks 2 and Deathproof, but here her role is shamelessly by the numbers and predictable. Leslie Bibb plays the idiot ex whom James is hung up on. She attempts to change him into her ideal mate but we already know the answer to this. Donnie Wahlberg also makes a wasted appearance as an abusive zookeeper. Ken Jeong makes an appearances working at the reptile house. Like a snake, he should hope that he can shed this career move. Not director Frank Coraci's worst film, which includes such crap as Around the World in 80 Days and Click. The special effects are amusing as numerous animals don voices and communicate, but the film itself is about as exciting as shovelling horse sh*t. Score: 3 ½ / 10
Yasser El-Sayed The story line has been consumed about a hundred times give or take, the guy loses the girl and the guy gets the girl, it turns out it wasn't what he needed, then the guy gets the other girl.The directing is good but the plot is very poor and highly predictable and anticipated, there are about a dozen movies with the same plot and a lot better than this.Although the movie is not generally good, it's funny for a family movie or a kids' movie.Kevin James did a good job, as well as Rosario Dawson and the animals are just funny.
classicsoncall I feel like I want to be kind to the kiddies, but I'm not sure if this movie would appeal even to the youngster crowd. In a totally non-scientific, non-binding survey, my four year old granddaughter said she didn't like it, confirming my suspicion that there was just something missing with the formula. I can't remember which animal uttered the line in my summary, I think it was Joe the Lion, but I think he nailed it. And who names a lion Joe anyway? The stereotypical Leo would have done just fine. Maybe the picture would have had more of an appeal if the animals actually appeared to be talking instead of just hearing their voices. It was all rather disorienting and didn't seem to be that funny. In fact, Maya Rudolph's giraffe and Judd Apatow's elephant were downright annoying. At least Kevin James got the right girl at the end of the story. The alternative would have been un-bear-able.
Lisa Habig I'm not sure what the negative reviews regarding this movie are about but speaking for myself and my husband, we enjoyed this movie immensely! This is a wonderful movie for the entire family and people of all ages. It's a nice, light comedy that doesn't fail to deliver. Kevin James is at his usual comic best; the physical comedy is hilarious and his timing is impeccable. You will be laughing from beginning to end. What I liked most about this movie is that it gives the animals a real voice; particularly Bernie who was once abused by another zookeeper and, as a result, got put into solitary confinement in a dark cave. This movie showed that animals do have feelings and that they need to be respected and treated with kindness and compassion. All in all, this movie is definitely worth seeing; you won't regret it!! I give this film 10 stars and a million thumbs up.