Wish You Were Here

2012 "Four Went. Three came back. Only one of them knows what happened."
5.9| 1h33m| R| en

Four friends lose themselves in a carefree South-East Asian holiday. Only three come back. Dave and Alice return home to their young family desperate for answers about Jeremy's mysterious disappearance. When Alice's sister Steph returns not long after, a nasty secret is revealed about the night her boyfriend went missing. But it is only the first of many. Who amongst them knows what happened on that fateful night when they were dancing under a full moon in Cambodia?


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Solemplex To me, this movie is perfection.
Mjeteconer Just perfect...
Micransix Crappy film
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
SnoopyStyle Alice Flannery (Felicity Price) is pregnant with husband Dave (Joel Edgerton) and two kids. Her sister Steph McKinney (Teresa Palmer) has new boyfriend Jeremy King and suggests going on vacation to southern Cambodia. Jeremy has a drug connection and disappears one night. Alice and Dave return to Australia. Steph returns later after the authorities give up on the search. Dave and Steph reveal to Alice that they slept together but it's not the only secret that night.This is a marginally compelling mystery. Edgerton can turn a few different ways and the ending leaves him a little disappointing. The reveal is not shocking enough. Edgerton becomes pathetic which is well within his range but not that appealing as a characteristic. Felicity Price is good. This is a functional first world cautionary tale.
osterhoutj_2 This film had a great deal of promise but fell short in my opinion. Excellent acting by the cast, mainly the performance of Joel Edgerton who portrays Dave the grief tortured, terrified family man superbly. The cast carried this film.The plot was solid, but I think the film suffers from the choppiness of the telling. The film opens with about 10 minutes of the vacation to Asia where the catalyst for the film originates could've been longer to eliminate some of the flashbacks, while still maintaining the mysterious integrity of the story. By the end of the film you have it figured out that the mystery around Jeremy's disappearance lacks optimism, but there is still shock factor in the reveal.Overall, solid movie, very well acted…just takes too long to get to the end which could've been improved upon by a slight difference in the way the story was told.
Toby I was working in Phnom Penh and saw this movie at The Flicks Community Movie House. For me, it perfectly captures both the light and the darkness of modern Cambodia. Cambodia is Eden -- lush, green, magical, innocent. And the opening montage of shots in and around Phnom Penh perfectly captures the pure joy that foreigners can often feel as they experience this wondrous place. But the story of Eden also contains the fall. And what tourists (like the 3 Australians in the film) don't always get, is that Cambodia is still healing, still recovering from the wars (2nd Indochina, followed by Pol Pot, followed by 19 years of civil war). And just beneath the surface of paradise, there can be real danger especially for those who don't know what they are dealing with. I walked out of the theater (into the blasting heat of Phnom Penh) grateful that someone understood and was able to capture through film the complex energies of this moment in this place. (Even though more than half of the movie takes place in Australia, this is very much a movie about Cambodia -- as seen through the eyes of foreigners.)This was also the first time I've seen Joel Edgerton in anything -- and he's a brilliant actor I think (I'm told he's been a big deal in Australia for a while). I just saw Edgerton in Zero Dark Thirty in a small role. I also rented (bought?) Animal Kingdom on iTunes because he was in it and he's great in that too. I'm hoping Wish You Were Here gets a theatrical release in the U.S. If not, I'm hoping it will get a release soon on iTunes and Amazon.com. I've probably checked both places 10 times hoping it will be available but no release yet. I plan to recommend this movie to friends and family (in spite of the very intense subject matter) just because it captures the energy of the place that is so hard to put into words. Your mileage may vary. But this movie hit me at just the right time and 6 months later, I'm scouring the internet trying to find a way to see it again.
Rebasguy Saw this recently on a flight from Bangkok and although it was only on the incredibly small screen, I think it was about the right size for the story. It was a very simple tale, with not too much drama and fairly predictable narrative wrapped around a very obvious dialogue. The main lead acted well and that in my mind magnified the shortcomings of the story.There were obvious gaps in the story that the actors tried to fill with raw emotion but that didn't quite gel with me and there was the willing suspension of disbelief with regard to the final scenes that were meant to sum up so much but instead left you feeling that the tale had been dragged out somewhat.