What a Girl Wants

2003 "Trying to fit in. Born to stand out."
5.8| 1h45m| PG| en

An American girl, Daphne, heads to Europe in search of the father she's never met. But instead of finding a British version of her bohemian mother, she learns the love of her mom's life is an uptight politician. The only problem now is that her long-lost dad is engaged to a fiercely territorial social climber with a daughter who makes Daphne's life miserable.


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GamerTab That was an excellent one.
BootDigest Such a frustrating disappointment
Nessieldwi Very interesting film. Was caught on the premise when seeing the trailer but unsure as to what the outcome would be for the showing. As it turns out, it was a very good film.
Suman Roberson It's a movie as timely as it is provocative and amazingly, for much of its running time, it is weirdly funny.
bigverybadtom Based on the play "The Reluctant Debutante", the story starts with the young son of a British noble family meeting a young American woman, on vacation in Morocco, and they have a marriage neither are sure is valid, but the British man's retinue locate them and make the woman leave, and she travels back to New York City, and gives birth to a daughter. 17 years later, the daughter learns of her heritage and impulsively flies to London and meets her father, now a member of Parliament, who had never known about his daughter until that moment.Then the real story begins. The father and the people with him are unsure what to do with the daughter, especially with the father running for reelection, he contacts her mother, who is angry with him because she was sent home and he never contacted her, and the daughter is confused about what she has done, and what she should do now, especially when she meets and falls in love with a young local man.The story might best be described as wish-fulfillment fantasy, but is pleasant enough without being too soppy or unrealistic. Good performances by the cast and good pacing help the movie, and while it has no deep meaning it is still good entertainment.
neenahhh This movie was very touching.I am currently concentrating on the father-daughter relationship while rating this movie. To be honest, I liked this movie much more when I was younger. Everything was funnier back then. It goes to show that the humor in this movie was targeted towards a younger audience. But aside from the humor, the romance between Daphne & Ian and the father-daughter relationship between Henry & Daphne was very heartwarming.The thing about Henry and Daphne's relationship is that it is very realistic. There are many people in this world who have never known at least one of their parents- whether it be because of an unfortunate death or an ending in a relationship. Here, we are introduced to Daphne who- because of her determined mind- meets her father for the first time in 17 years. We see their relationship blossom slowly, but beautifully. Relationships take time to build, especially if you're forming it with a relative who you've just met- like say a father or a daughter. The relationship between the two was done perfectly in this movie.However, Colin Firth is just too good lucking to be seen as "just a father". Hit me all you like, but I really could sense some hidden sexual attractions there. It was almost like a romance film! But with Ian, I guess that saved the day. But seriously, if you looked at it carefully, you'd see it.Good movie. Very heartwarming. It makes me look forward to my father-daughter dance in my future wedding. :)
EchoMaRinE I am truly glad to see this movie. It is giving what it should. This is a nice romantic comedy with great soundtracks. The story is neither something new nor unpredictable but yet it is fun to watch. Great acting, charming environment, nice jokes, beautiful music and a great directing, I think this is my summary for the movie. I always think a movie should be evaluated within its genre and as a romantic comedy, this is a true success. As a movie, it is entertaining, has a clear and good message, and has an intelligently prepared plot. If you are looking for something fun to watch, give it a try. Even if you don't like the story, the music is truly great.
theliquorstore What does a girl want? You might recall some things like fame and fortune, but according to this movie it's a father. A simple, yet fun, chick-flick directed by Dennie Gordon stars Amanda Bynes as Daphne Reynolds, a wild funny girl next-door trying to find her missing father. And Primetime Emmy Nominee, Colin Firth as Henry Dashwood, a well educated wealthy British politician.The movie starts out a scene with Daphne as a child, asking her mother the story on how she and her father met. The film then forwards to a 17 year old Daphne being a waitress at a wedding, feeling sad as she could not attend another father-daughter. She then decided to find her father in England. The fun starts then as she is unable to cope with her surroundings.Amanda Bynes plays another funny-fun teenager, in a comedy movie. It is not very likely to see her in a serious movie and that makes me wonder, is she not confident enough in her acting skills to take up another challenge? Or is she just smart enough to keep focusing on her current fan-base? Colin Firth on the other hand is definitely one of the up points of the movie. You might recall some of his amazing movies, "Love actually", "Nanny McPhee", "Bridgette Jones' Diary" and of course "Mamma Mia". And he has also shown another great performance on this movie.This movie is definitely worth watching. And even though it might be classified as a family movie, I don't think that even my little brother would be caught alive watching this movie.