Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale

6.4| 0h46m| G| en

A holiday themed animated direct-to-video film starring Academy Award-winners, Tom and Jerry. It uses a good deal of Tchaikovsky's famous ballet The Nutcracker as background music. This film would be the last animated production for Tom and Jerry co-creator, Joseph Barbera, who would die on December 18, 2006. The film features all of the exaggerated violence usually found in Tom and Jerry.


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Ensofter Overrated and overhyped
Arianna Moses Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.
Maleeha Vincent It's funny, it's tense, it features two great performances from two actors and the director expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don't know what is happening for the majority of the run time.
Bob This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.
scorzine I saw this movie on Christmas 2007, and I loved it. It was adorable and touching, and I thought the idea of a Tom and Jerry Christmas movie was simply adorable. It has excellent animation and the voices are very nice. The plot is nice too. I cry whenever I watch this movie, because this movie never fails to touch me in the heart. But there's one thing I don't like about this movie. I love the movie's voices, but I'm a little disappointed because neither Tom nor Jerry got a chance to say even one thing. I was hoping for that to happen, but I guess I can't have everything. But on the plus side, this movie is so gosh-darn amazing. If you want to watch a holiday movie, this is exactly what you need.
dbgeorge I really enjoyed this film. I caught it by chance on TV. I did not realize it was made in 2007 and thought it was a lost Tom & Jerry special. It is not violent like the old, classic Tom & Jerry cartoons, but this is suppose to be a holiday film. Tom does get a banged up a few times, but nothing like the old cartoons. I am not familiar with the story line of The Nutcracker, so I do not know how close this adaptation is to the original.I read some of the other comments, but I do not see their complaints. I think the animation is good, the music is good. The plot seems okay. I have my favorite moments. I like the look and feel of the scene in the dragons' den. The animation and music fit very well together.If they had made this film like the later T & J cartoons in which they are friends and everything is corny with a bad laugh track, then I would have been very, very disappointed.
spottylover My five year old loves this little movie, and would watch it over and over if we let him. It has all the music from the Nutcracker Ballet, but the story really has nothing to do with the ballet. Nevertheless, it is a nice little story about helping others and being a friend. It doesn't have the constant violence that the old cartoons have, but it does have some (would it be Tom and Jerry without it?) and there are a couple scary parts where the group has to venture through the world to find the Toy Maker. There is very little dialogue and as usual, neither Tom nor Jerry speak in this adventure. Well worth the watching for little kids and the music is wonderful!
imdb1 If you know the old cartoons of Tom and Jerry and expect something of that quality and characteristic humor, then you will be horribly disappointed. This movie has NOTHING to do with the known characters of Tom and Jerry. Even the way they are drawn is cheap and slightly wrong. The movie is clearly just and only using the names of two of the most famous animation characters of the past in the hopes to draw a large public, but isn't even TRYING to create the same characters.Ever seen a boring animation series? This movie makes me think of the earliest of animation, like Mickey Mouse and the Steamboat. For a while you wonder why the story doesn't make sense, and then you spot the reason: the producers, no doubt in an attempt to save money, couldn't afford a music writer: what they did is buy a CD with some existing classical music and then created the movie AROUND it. Concentrating mostly on having the rhythm and high-lights in the music correspond with the rhythm of moments of action in the movie. The result is an artificial story line that seems to rotate around nothing. Okay, so they travel from spot A to spot B, that is plot, but the details of the travel is boring, boring and boring. Once you realize that every event is written into the movie solely due to the RANDOM fact the existing music is doing something you can't help but realize that your looking at some time-filler. I really couldn't finish watching this horribly boring movie. I watched until they got on some frozen river, no doubt only written conveniently into the plot because the music made them think of gliding motions, and then quickly jumped forwards through the movie, hoping to see a glimpse of the old Tom and Jerry, were Tom is trying to catch Jerry using evil genius and the weirdest of self-made equipment. Where both, Tom as well as Jerry regularly are deformed, for example splashed flat against a wall, or getting the shape of a cube after swallowing one the size of themselves, or losing all or most of their hair, only to be completely restored again the next scene.... but no, nothing of that in this cheap, boring animation, that has NOTHING to do with Tom & Jerry.