The Wizard of Oz

1939 "We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!"
8| 1h42m| en

Young Dorothy finds herself in a magical world where she makes friends with a lion, a scarecrow and a tin man as they make their way along the yellow brick road to talk with the Wizard and ask for the things they miss most in their lives. The Wicked Witch of the West is the only thing that could stop them.


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Evengyny Thanks for the memories!
Stellead Don't listen to the Hype. It's awful
Doomtomylo a film so unique, intoxicating and bizarre that it not only demands another viewing, but is also forgivable as a satirical comedy where the jokes eventually take the back seat.
Plustown A lot of perfectly good film show their cards early, establish a unique premise and let the audience explore a topic at a leisurely pace, without much in terms of surprise. this film is not one of those films.
shubhamsrivastavalu This is the movie that won many hearts through its simplicity and depth. The innocence with the stuffing of deep philosophical content made this movie has made this movie worth watching even after many decades have passed. Certainly happiness and contentment is not something to be expressed through words. Our very home, our very own world is the one that we ought to love the most. Beautiful script, well played Dorothy and the Scarecrow...haha. This is must watch for everyone!!!
kennykip Although this movie was very successful in its run and is widely viewed as one of the most influential movies of all time i am not especially fond of this movie. as a young child i watched this movie and had nightmares about the wicked witch. although i cannot really enjoy this movie due to my experiences, i would recommend this movie to people because of its historical prominence in the film making industry.
Majikat Who doesn't know this film? The classic tale of Dorothy and friends and their extroidinary journey along the yellow brick road. A bright, fun filled story, complete with a moral.
allisonbazanos By far one of my favorite movies since I was a young child, the script and plot of the movie is one of a kind. Garland does an amazing job of portraying Dorothy, and the songs are just those kind that stick with you forever.