The Perfect Guy

2015 "Trust one, fear the other."
5.6| 1h40m| PG-13| en

After a painful breakup, Leah seems to meet the perfect guy. But she soon discovers someone mysteriously lurking around her surroundings.


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JinRoz For all the hype it got I was expecting a lot more!
Afouotos Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.
AnhartLinkin This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.
Rosie Searle It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
Davis P This film has received lots of flack, and in my opinion, it is undeserved. The cast is great, every actor does a great job at portraying his/her role. The dialogue is well written too, it flows well throughout. The suspense/thriller aspect of the movie really works very well. And the chemistry between the actors is electric, both in a good and bad way depending on what characters you're talking about. The movie is longer in runtime than I expected and it's more detailed and involved than the stereotypical run of the mill suspense fatal attraction movie, which I of course loved. The film has nice well done pacing to it and the ending sequences are very thrilling and do not disappoint at all. I would suggest The Perfect Guy for any movie goer who enjoys a good, exciting, well made thriller/suspense fatal attraction type thriller. 8/10.
kosmasp All those thrillers are not only predictable, but sort of by the numbers most of the time. So it's not that bad if a movie can surprise you a couple of times. And while this never promised "steamy hot scenes" like the one with Jennifer Lopez, that were too hot for the rating board (self proclaimed and don't fall for that), it does have other winning factors. For guys it's the main actress and for women it's the two main guys, for various reasons (of course some men will like the male talent at hand and some women our female hero, I was talking majority).Still there is some saving factors, though not so much the ever so good Charles S. Dutton who doesn't have much to do in this. No nudity involved but "steamy" situations, if that is something you are looking forward to. Also very nice eyes (Mr. Ealy that is)
tochukwu-83206 This is not the kind of film I would advise someone to see. It is so clichéd and not ashamed about it. Ever been in that scenario where you spy on another student's work during exams without the necessary adjustments: changing of name and maybe perhaps reshuffling the sentences while adding some self generated ideas to make the script look and feel different? The Perfect Guy doesn't do that or even make attempts to. No surprise at all since it was distributed by Screen Gems: a Sony subsidiary. The fact that Screen Gems provides an avenue for black actors and actresses to remind us that they are still around is welcome, but making the same film twice with minor differences is just retarded. If you want to know what I mean, then try watching (Obsessed), (The Boy Next Door), (Fatal Attraction) and many more stalker-based films out there and then come tell me the difference. There is, I won't pretend about that. But it is quite hard to shake of the feeling that they should have been more created. All in all, The Perfect Guy is a recycled flick that fades away with the passing of the wind.The marriage/family desire of women plays a major role into why Leah breaks up with boyfriend Dave. And maybe why she rushes into a relationship with Carter-----foolishly, passion takes over and she fails to confirm if he has the same ambitions as her. She might be an uber-successful woman, but she is on the rebound. That was the character I saw. No doubt, Sana and Michael have chemistry, but the effort in setting up their characters towards the romantic fare is weak. Not only that, those parts where she discovers Carter possessiveness and quickly rushes back into Dave arms highlights how an independent booming career woman who might be constantly faced with weighing the consequence decisions at work is needy, romantically. The main character development is confusing. Her weaknesses are more than her strengths even though more time is spent putting those strengths to use. Simply put, she is a desperate needy woman who is on the rebound. The only positive take away is Michael Ealy's charming psychotic performance, but then that is muddled up by the triteness of the film. Morris Chestnut isn't given much to do except to come on screen and play the loving boyfriend/ partner, but then I can give you a list of films in which he has played this same role: (The Best Man Holiday)and (Not Easily Broken)-perfect typecasting! My advice still stands, but if you insist- don't say I didn't warn you.
tavm When I first saw TV commercials which revealed that the nice guy this woman was dating was a psycho, I wanted to avoid this like the plague. My mom, though, had an interest in seeing this so I ordered this from Netflix. So in watching this, I cringed at all the nice things this guy was doing knowing he would do something to make him opposite of that and, sure enough, 30 minutes in, he did. When the guy before him came back to this woman's life, I was relieved and hoped maybe he'd protect her. Well, that was blown to pieces when he ended up dead! Bottom line, part of me wasn't too enamored of the story but I kept watching to see what would happen, anyway. I guess the fact the woman took things into her own hands, with the advice of the cop who knows that guy had changed his name some 10 years before and been in and out of foster homes growing up, made it a bit exciting. So on that note, The Perfect Guy wasn't a complete waste of time...

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