The Nightmare Before Christmas

1993 "This is Halloween, everybody make a scene!"
8| 1h16m| en

Tired of scaring humans every October 31 with the same old bag of tricks, Jack Skellington, the spindly king of Halloween Town, kidnaps Santa Claus and plans to deliver shrunken heads and other ghoulish gifts to children on Christmas morning. But as Christmas approaches, Jack's rag-doll girlfriend, Sally, tries to foil his misguided plans.


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Rijndri Load of rubbish!!
Salubfoto It's an amazing and heartbreaking story.
Ezmae Chang This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
Kimball Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.
Jack Bennett An ambitious stop motion film which sees Jack the Pumpkin King journey from his native Hallowe'en Town to the neighbouring Christmas Town. When he attempts to bring the joy of the festive season to his horror-happy friends, they love it ... only because they've got the wrong end of the stick.The 76-minute film sees Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King in charge of the annual celebrations in his native Hallowe'en Town, lose motivation to do the same thing year after year. Stumbling across the neighbouring Christmas Town one evening, he attempts to introduce his old friends to his finding of presents, decorating trees and Santa Claus ... only for them to taint his explanations with their Hallowe'en-saturated imaginations. In the end, he gives them what they want to hear to the detriment of the habitants of Christmas Town, Santa Claus and Jack himself.Originally intended as a 30-minute Christmas TV special or a short film adaptation of a three-page poem written by Tim Burton, executives felt it was "too weird" for Disney to make and so it was shelved. After Burton's successes with Beetlejuice and Batman, the studio agreed to make it into a feature-length stop motion with Henry Sellick directing given Burton's commitments to the new Batman Returns at the time. At one stage, the team knew the story but not in its entirety - all eleven songs in the film were written before a word of the screenplay was on the page.Once you say it's a Tim Burton film, people know what to expect - a loner main character, twisted architecture and bizarre character design. All of the above are in abundance in a film some might say this is the most Tim Burton film ever made, despite him not being in the director's chair; he's credited as a producer instead. It's hard not to think of The Nightmare Before Christmas as the most surreal of Burton's films given the almost boundless potential afforded to the production team of building a miniature world with all the gravity-defying structures and unfeasible character design instead of creating it all at a 1:1 scale.It's not going to be a film for everyone (I showed it to people at uni and most of them hated it) but it's built a cult following in the 24 years since it came out to give it the wider audience it never had upon its initial limited release. One gripe is that some of the lyrics in the slower songs are thrown in to get the point across rather than making it a song that flows. That said, it's still a film guaranteed to put a smile on your face from the first viewing for the story to the latest for the amazingly attentive details hidden in the corners of every frame.Best Quote: "Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it!"
davidtkd-25249 The Nightmare Before Christmas is a 1993 American stop-motion animated musical fantasy drama starring Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara, William Hickley, Ken Page, Paul Reubens, and Glenn Shadix. The Plot: Jack Skellington (Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon), a resident from "Halloween Town" who stumbles through a portal to "Christmas Town" and decides to celebrate the holiday with disastrous consequences. The Nightmare Before Christmas was originally a poem written by Tim Burton in 1982, when Burton was working as an animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation. With the success of Burton's "Vincent" in the same year, Walt Disney Studios began to contemplate whether to release The Nightmare Before Christmas as a short film or a 30-minute TV Special. Many years passed, and Tim Burton developed thoughts about this project more and more over time. He made a deal with Disney in the year 1990. The production for the movie started in July of 1991 in San Francisco, California, USA. Disney decided to release the film through the Touchstone Pictures banner stating that they thought that The Nightmare Before Christmas would be "too frightening for kids." The film was a huge success, grossing $76.2 million over its theatrical run on a budget of $18,000,000. Danny Elfman's film score and his singing voice for Jack is absolutely amazing. This is for sure director Henry Selick's masterpiece and his best film. It was nominated the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, the first for an animated film. An absolute masterpiece and my favorite christmas movie and holiday movie of all-time. 10/10.
jamoteo I was excited for this movie even BEFORE it opened! - For a few simple reasons; Growing up in the 70's there was never a stop-motion animation special for the holiday Halloween. Christmas had Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Year Without A Santa Claus, and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Easter had The Easter Bunny is Comin' to Town and Here Comes Peter Cottontail (which ironically, contains a scene set in Halloween). But for DECADES there was nothing for Halloween, except Rankin/Bass' Mad Monster Party that disappointingly was shown around Halloween, but wasn't ABOUT Halloween (the only other choice being Peter Cottontail with its 4-minute Halloween segment). Plus, this movie comes from the man that gave us Beetlejuice, Batman, and Edward Scissorhands. For me, this movie was an instant classic!
Hitchcoc This is certainly a pleasant surprise. Tim Burton, purveyor of the wacko, has created, along with his amazing team, a real classic work. Seldom does a film bank on so much originality, from the incredible creation of Halloween Town, with its denizens, marvelous in their diversity and variety, to a really interesting plot. The character of Jack Skellington is a scene-stealer. Considering he pretty much a stick with a round, skeletal head, he has amazing expression and energy. He is an artist and a rebel, dissatisfied with the continuing shortsightedness of his frightening peers. When his world opens up through an accidental fall into another town, paralleling his own, he tries to bring Christmas back with him. The problem is that he really doesn't understand the concept well enough. He mixes his own social foundation with an alien one and the results are hilarious. Wonderful to look at with some of the finest animation you will ever see, each moment carefully scripted and produced.