The Miseducation of Cameron Post

2018 "Come as you are."
6.6| 1h32m| en

Pennsylvania, 1993. After getting caught with another girl, teenager Cameron Post is sent to a conversion therapy center run by the strict Dr. Lydia Marsh and her brother, Reverend Rick, whose treatment consists in repenting for feeling “same sex attraction.” Cameron befriends fellow sinners Jane and Adam, thus creating a new family to deal with the surrounding intolerance.


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Marketic It's no definitive masterpiece but it's damn close.
Juana what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.
Sarita Rafferty There are moments that feel comical, some horrific, and some downright inspiring but the tonal shifts hardly matter as the end results come to a film that's perfect for this time.
Bob This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.
Metaflix Chloë Grace Moretz has been squarely on our radar since 2011's phenomenal 'Hugo.' In 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post,' she plays a high school junior who gets caught in the back seat of a car with another girl during prom and is subsequently sent to a religious gay conversion facility.Playing a gay character is a rite of passage for many young actors and actresses. At its most poignant, such a performance brings the potential for an Academy Award into the realm of possibility (Tom Hanks in Philadelphia is one such example). In 'Miseducation,' Moretz puts her acting chops on full display and we couldn't be happier to see her continuing to push the boundaries of her talent. While the film itself is superb, it's also likely to fly too far under the radar to land Moretz any awards. However, the expectations for her to someday have enough hardware to fill up her mantle have never been higher.
PotassiumMan This small film is a triumph of down-to-earth storytelling on the experience of young people going through gay conversion therapy through religious browbeating. It's the story of a teenage girl, Cameron Post, played with visceral substance by Chloe Grace Moretz, who experiences life in exactly this type of setting. Her story begins when she is discovered engaging in sexual intimacy with a female classmate during prom and is sent by her outraged aunt to a ghastly gay conversion camp in a rural area. She soon meets two other teenage members (Sasha Lane and Forrest Goodluck, both excellent) who secretly refuse to embrace the camp's philosophy.Although this could have been something more dramatic and perhaps could have gone a bit deeper, it's not a misfire by virtue of being slight in its length or in its treatment of the difficult material. It is alternately heartbreaking and outrageous but also at times bemusing as the camp veers between apparent sadism and pitiful ineptitude in trying to pound its young members into submission. Jennifer Ehle is powerful as the camp's leader and psychologist in an icy, Nurse Ratched-like performance who has her brother, a "cured" gay man as the camp's spiritual leader. The film also does not shy away from showing the emotional toll on even the camp's most docile members.Even though the film's resolution seems too casual and almost too simple, I still found it quite satisfying, together with a roaring soundtrack which toward the end conveys a ray of hope. Recommended for its thoughtful approach and fine performances.
subxerogravity But your preaching to the choir.Cameron Post is a young woman discovering her sexuality when she is caught doing things unchristian like, so her family takes her to a camp that's met brainwash you into believing your something that your not. What's really messed up is at that young age she does not even know who she is and they are try to destroy it before she does. It is a movie that gets me asking a lot of questions that I already know the answers to, but it's questions that always should be ask cause I feel that it does help with the process of tolerance in the world.In the The Miseducation of Cameron Post we become educated, in a movie that does it in a fun and enjoyable matter, but I'm a bit biased cause I'm a huge fan of Chloë Grace Moretz, who I thought was so fantastic as Cameron Post.
sfdphd Sweet teenage girl gets caught kissing her girlfriend and is sent to a Christian gay conversion camp. The film But I'm a Cheerleader had a comic perspective on this situation but this film Miseducation takes it seriously. Seemed like a realistically awful situation. Fortunately the girl makes some friends at the camp but they all suffer under the pressure to change their orientation. The film shows that this is emotional abuse. The acting of all the teens is excellent.