Shrek the Third

2007 "He’s in for the Royal Treatment."
6.1| 1h33m| PG| en

The King of Far Far Away has died and Shrek and Fiona are to become King & Queen. However, Shrek wants to return to his cozy swamp and live in peace and quiet, so when he finds out there is another heir to the throne, they set off to bring him back to rule the kingdom.


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Kattiera Nana I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.
Actuakers One of my all time favorites.
Aubrey Hackett While it is a pity that the story wasn't told with more visual finesse, this is trivial compared to our real-world problems. It takes a good movie to put that into perspective.
Lachlan Coulson This is a gorgeous movie made by a gorgeous spirit.
nalajupiter Look Shrek 2 was a mess and it seemed like the Shrek franchise was doomed to be a one hit wonder but Shrek the third flips the script taking all the best parts of the first two movies and adding something speacial
CoupeDeVille They've re-invented the genre once again!In 2007, comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim's started a media campaign to promote the film. The duo made numerous promo spots featuring their troupe of odd-ball cast members and conducted several interviews on various television programs discussing their excitement for the soon-to-be-released film.So why is there no mention of Tim & Eric on the film's IMDB page? Because Disney has employed a staff to check IMDB listings daily, which includes "Shrek the Third" and remove any mention of the comedy duo.
lynn_melanie This film is undoubtedly the least impressive of the Shrek franchise. It commits a sin that even the trashiest pieces of garbage shouldn't ever commit: its very boring. The film lacks heart, wit, originality, ingenuity, inventiveness, intelligence and basically anthing else you might expect in, oh say, a film. Shrek has overstayed his welcome and the plot is very disengaging. There's almost no point prasing the animation because its something that should be a given for Hollywood animation. In this, Shrek is reduced to a one dimensional character and donkey inevitably becomes annoying and pointless. This film should not have been made. But it was, which takes both guts and sheer idiocy
SnoopyStyle Prince Charming is reduced to dinner theater and he wants revenge. King Harold is ill and Shrek is the next heir to Far, Far Away. Shrek isn't that good with being a royal and doesn't want to give up his swamp. King reveals that there is another heir named Arthur (Justin Timberlake). After the death of the King, Shrek sets off to find Artie with the help of Donkey and Puss in Boots. Princess Fiona is left at home to battle Prince Charming's attempted coup with her royal girlfriends.Starting with the king dying is a hard way to keep the tone light. Also Shrek is separated from Fiona for the bulk of the movie. Then there is the new character Artie who is the least interesting character in this world. However I still love the cast of characters in this franchise. I also love the new princesses. They are a lot of fun. This is a step back but the franchise lives on.