2000 "Who was Nostradamus really?"
4.5| 1h28m| en

A medieval cult travels to the 20th centrury and kills people, in an attempt to bring about the end of the world. The policeman Michael Nostrand must stop them, but what does his fate truly hold?


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Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
Cathardincu Surprisingly incoherent and boring
Konterr Brilliant and touching
Lancoor A very feeble attempt at affirmatie action
Andrew monks traveling through time with machine guns - FBI agents who dress like prostitutes by choice - mr hunky who is really nostradamus but doesn't know it yet - and enough paradoxes to drive you bonkers...i don't know why i sat through most of this movie - i guess i kept hoping it would get better, or maybe it was the sexy fbi chick - i lasted about 1.5 hours, then gave up and went to bed.if you've got nothing better to do, then by all means, watch this really stupid movie...
chrissoda100 This is the kind of thing you find on the bottom shelf of your local video store.The daft plot involves medieval monks inventing a time machine so they can send weird looking long haired blokes into the future to try and cause armageddon (or something equally ridiculous), where an intrepid cop must try and stop them.The dodgy special effects, and TV movie feel don't help, but if you are really stuck for something to watch for 90 mins or so ....Find a book to read!
croc (DRM) Let's start with some moaning. Nostradamus was not the only end-of-the-world movie to come out in 1999/2000. It's also not the best. I'm no medieval historian but AFAIK the real Nostradamus and the one portrayed in the film, do only have their name in common - I felt a bit "ripped-off" by that. It also attributed some "extra works" to Leonardo da Vinci, for good measure.The plot concept is pretty simple really - a bit like Terminator 2. However the action sequences are pretty lame in comparison, as is the feeling of depth. The bad guys aren't really bad enough and the attempt at a romantic sub-plot is so predictable and, frankly, poor.It's not that it's a bad film, there's just not much there - either to engage the brain or "take you to that other world". I enjoyed it about as much as I would have done staring out the window watching the world go by for 90 minutes ...
siggy17 Rob Estes, playing homicide detective Michael Nostrand, teams up with an FBI psychic to stop a medieval cult from bringing about Armageddon.The plot sounds a little weak, right??? At least that's what many of you are probably thinking. But I didn't consider myself a fan of Sci-Fi movies until I saw "Nostradamus". I wasn't even sure if I wanted to watch, and now I'm glad I did.This movie is dramatic...full of adventure, mystery, and even a bit of humor and romance. Estes and Fisher really bring this movie to life.I think anyone who is willing to keep an open mind would enjoy this movie. I certainly recommend it.

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