Movie 43

2013 "The biggest cast ever assembled for the most outrageous comedy ever made."
4.3| 1h30m| R| en

A series of interconnected short films follows a washed-up producer as he pitches insane story lines featuring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.


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NekoHomey Purely Joyful Movie!
GazerRise Fantastic!
ScoobyMint Disappointment for a huge fan!
Derry Herrera Not sure how, but this is easily one of the best movies all summer. Multiple levels of funny, never takes itself seriously, super colorful, and creative.
jeanpierre-lester This movie is so bad and unfunny that I finally caved and created an IMDb account to warn you - they good people fighting the good fight not to watch this atrocity. Not funny, not smart, and not worth your time. Worst movie I've ever seen.
tomerb-10768 People are stupid for the majority. this is a genius movie.
bsloughrin Who ever conceived this, wrote it, directed it, worked on it, acted in it, funded it, exhibited it . . . ad infinitum hopefully are as ashamed as I am that I gave it 5 minutes. I will never support anyone associated with this film, either by paying to view, or subscribing to any service that distributes.
austindickerson-03813 This movie is so lame. It's a about a bunch of stupid sketches, that are not funny. They are very offensive and inappropriate. This movie is so gross. I can't believe that the actors and actresses we love starred in this abomination. Thank gosh it got a bunch of Golden Raspberry Awards; including one for Worst Picture. It deserves a win for Worst Picture!