Jason Nash Is Married

5| 1h25m| en

Jason is stuck living in the shadows of his more successful wife (Busy Philipps) and two young kids. When debt threatens to destroy his family, he jump-starts his career, a move that sends him down of a rabbit hole of nefarious characters and sociopaths. Along the way, he must confront a pedophiliac movie star, a chauvinistic therapist, a trust-fund cokehead and a painful discussion about who his wife would marry if he died. Yet when Jason finally finds success he realizes there's more to marriage than just paying the bills.


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Scanialara You won't be disappointed!
Hottoceame The Age of Commercialism
GamerTab That was an excellent one.
Console best movie i've ever seen.
tenlegdragon This is my idea of a dramedy. The drama is there, you get the feel that Nash is just some Maron-ish sad guy pushing a boulder uphill, but the comedy is there too and it's good enough to make you laugh through a lot of the more poignant moments.Also, I'd never actually seen H Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob) in anything, but my ears perked up at his voice and it was a nice little "This is the guy?! This is what he looks like in real life?!" moment. The whole thing really is a slew of cameos back to back to back of comedians, a good enough bit of them I recognized from sitcoms, movies and stand up...Jason Nash himself is maybe the only one I didn't know. No clue who he actually is, never seen him, but he looks like the @midnight guy, so I just went with that even though I know he's not Hardwick.All in all, he's like Maron's goofier brother. If you like Maron, then Yay. Otherwise, maybe avoid.

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