How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps!

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Losing weight and getting fit has never been easier! Shed those unwanted pounds with these simple tricks your gym doesn't want you to know about. You won't believe what happens next!


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AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
Intcatinfo A Masterpiece!
AshUnow This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
Taha Avalos The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.
mihai_chindris I laughed continuously. The way it is structured got my attention. It has bullet proof points that you have to "follow", along with comical explanations. It's worth the time. I hope you find it as hilarious as I did.
Horst in Translation ( "How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps" is a 7-minute live action documentary (spoof?) from January this year (2016). The director is Benjamin Berman and the script comes from Emmy winner Aaron Bleyaert. The title already tells you what this is about, or does it really? I don't think so because between step 3 and 4, the focus switches entirely towards how you can become a happy person completely aside from the losing weight factor. I must say I did not find the watch really funny, but it has nice depth I think and there is lots of truth to it. Of course the "empty rooms with lights on" scene was the highlight and I also liked how his ex-girlfriend called him at night and we don't find out why because it doesn't even matter anymore. It is all about happiness, no matter how much your weight is and I also liked how the film made slightly fun of these "how to lose weight in..." guides by rushing in number 4 at the very end just to do the title justice, even if it had become completely pointless at that point what point 4 is and we would not even have recognized it missing if they had not included it eventually. I thought this was a good watch, solid narration, nice focus and story. Check it out.
Evan Wessman (CinematicInceptions) Even though it satirizes the concept of weight loss as well as life in general, this short gives some decent advice on how to make your life what you want it to be. It feels like a long TV commercial only without a sales pitch at the end. It has a lighthearted and sarcastic tone, thanks to Conan O'Brien's voice-over. Much of it does not actually have much to do with losing weight or "easy" weight loss programs. Instead, it presents the progression of forming healthy habits in an entertaining way. The humor of it is created almost exclusively through style rather than through the events of the story. There's also a rather uplifting aspect to it as we see our unnamed protagonist take action to change his life so that he stops feeling like garbage. I had gone into it hoping that it would be like an SNL skit about weight watchers, but it's not. If you are interested, you can find it on YouTube pretty easily, but I wouldn't watch it with your kids.
Andrew Noorden Excellent short-film, perfect voice-over making it a compelling story and pleasant to watch. I am a twenty-two year old man. At this moment in time, February, the new start of a year which is publicly renown for starting to loose weight plans. In my case an even greater similarity stage in life as the main character, therefore making this content so empathetic for me. Probably for a whole lot other young adult men out there too. Furthermore I like that you added recently discovered facts abut food at the end, making it at the same time also educational. I was already motivated and had a strategy but this will help me get through all the major changes life brings Thank you for making this, and hoping eagerly for your next short film!Always good to leave room for improvement of my rating, Life is all about getting to perfection and never materializing it.