2004 "From the Dark Side to Our Side."
6.8| 2h2m| PG-13| en

In the final days of World War II, the Nazis attempt to use black magic to aid their dying cause. The Allies raid the camp where the ceremony is taking place, but not before a demon—Hellboy—has already been conjured. Joining the Allied forces, Hellboy eventually grows to adulthood, serving the cause of good rather than evil.


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Evengyny Thanks for the memories!
Konterr Brilliant and touching
Rio Hayward All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
Candida It is neither dumb nor smart enough to be fun, and spends way too much time with its boring human characters.
Kirpianuscus For plot. For performances - John Hurt as the great example. For cultural references. And for the action scenes, like for delicate love story. All - pieces of a splendid work who propose one of the most seductive roles of Ron Pearlman.
Smoreni Zmaj Good movie. Perhaps a bit too long, I had the impression of watching a series, but good. It's not Guillermo del Toro that I'm used to, but it's certainly worth a look, especially who likes super(anti)hero movies.7/10
Torrin-McFinn77 When I heard that there was going to be a Hellboy movie I was excited. I hadn't read any of the comic books but it made me curious about the series. I watched the movie and was intrigued from start to finish. Dark fantasy with horror elements and lots of weird creatures. What more could you ask? I later found out that the first book of the series was Seed of Destruction. It's been a while since I've read the comic book and seen the movie, but I want to go back and experience both. And Ron Perlman made a good Hellboy. I'd say this is his best work. And the sequel wasn't bad either. Do yourself a favor and see it!
Rupert Munn Hellboy's initial act sets you up for a wild ride, and promises much in its first half. The characters are interesting, the story has potential, and the concept of the film is engaging. Unfortunately, it loses its impetus more and more the further it goes, and while it remains visually interesting, it becomes hammy, lumbering and predictable. I think it suffers from the lack of a really fine villain. Kroenen simply isn't menacing enough - he is a curiosity, but his lack of humanity actually lets him down as an antagonistic presence, and his death is a bit underwhelming considering his previous resurrections. Rasputin is well played, but he is a little too much in the background. We know he's there, but the fact of that almost makes it uninteresting, since there is no relationship between him and Hellboy of Broom - things which might have been interesting to explore - and so he can almost be forgotten until his inevitable return. The Lovecraftian gods, similarly, are not given enough mythical weight to act as anything other than a vaguely unpleasant looking threat. You feel the man himself would have conveyed the horror far better. It is a shame - whilst Hellboy never gives any indication of being a masterpiece, it could have been a solidly enjoyable film, but the way the story wraps up feels somehow hurried, or, as it certainly doesn't feel too short, perhaps simply clumsy, as if the writers got tired of it. There are also a number of irritating loose ends. The action set pieces are pretty good, although nothing new really emerges as the film goes on, meaning that by the climax it has lost some of its edge. The film's best feature is certainly its lead, who looks, sounds, and absolutely acts the part, though all the performances - particularly John Hurt and Doug Jones - are excellent. It's a shame the story ultimately leaves them fighting a losing battle.