Florence Foster Jenkins

2016 "People may say I couldn't sing, but no one can say I didn't sing"
6.8| 1h50m| PG-13| en

The story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York heiress, who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.


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Sexylocher Masterful Movie
Mjeteconer Just perfect...
Afouotos Although it has its amusing moments, in eneral the plot does not convince.
Jenni Devyn Worth seeing just to witness how winsome it is.
merelyaninnuendo Florence Foster JenkinsUnlike any other biography, it is to-the-point fast paced hilarious feature that demands attention of the viewers through its innovative structure of the script and an eerie perspective. Despite of being a musical, it fails to create the anticipated magic on screen, although it is rich and visually pleasing on costume design and make-up design. The writer being aware of its ironic and comic tone of the plot doesn't install any funny bits forcibly and instead lets it flow swiftly to the shore. Nicholas Martin; the writer, has done an amazing work on writing such a gripping and light screenplay which could have easily been darker and heavier than it seems. Stephen Frears; the director, as always is no short on execution or editing and conveys its message completely within 110 minutes of runtime. Possessing such a bigger cast, the makers manipulates the audience accordingly and uses their potential wisely where every actor is giving their best like Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and even Simon Helberg; as a supporting cast. Surprisingly, it is a plot driven feature that gives adequate screen time to each and every character and gives them enough room and range for them to factor in. Florence Foster Jenkins is a sharp and genuine whisper that fuels on its subtle yet heart-breaking emotions that is mostly drawn out by its stellar performances.
Mrbrown43 Florence Foster Jenkins stars Meryl Streep as Florence Foster Jenkins Hugh Grant as St. Clair Bayfield and Simon Maxwell Helberg as Cosmé McMoon in this biographical comedy drama about the worst singer in the world: Florence Foster Jenkins.The story simple enough, Florence Jenkins and St.Clair Bayfield are a happily married, wealthy couple in 1944 America who enjoy a love of music and all the good things in life. When Florence decides she wants to sing St.Clair agrees and before he knows it she becomes convinced that she can sing well despite reality and pushes her voice further and further into the public eye. The story is well told, if not a little slow at first until the third act where the pacing suddenly speeds up towards the climax and end. The writing is funny enough for the most part but is able to be more grounded should the situation demand it. I can't help but feel that Cosmé McMoon is a little two to one dimensional in the fact that he spends most if not all of his time on screen looking really nervous and upset. I can see what director Stephen Frears and writer Nicholas Martin were going for, it just seems that Simon Helberg is not given mach else asides from looking deeply scared and stuttering his lines. How much of it is the actors fault and how much is in the writing I cannot be really sure but I do suspect that it is the latter.To go into a movie with Meryl Streep expecting a bad performance can easily be seen as a lost cause, she not only captures a woman who is upbeat and hopeful with a love of music and opera but is deluded into thinking that she can sing even though every time she sings a cat dies a gruesome harrowing death off screen. Meryl Streep is able to play the more quirky personality traits Florence but is able to make you feel very sorry for her as well when less pleasant aspects of her life become apparent. The ending its self is really powerful thanks to Meryl Streep acting her way through it. She keeps everyone engaged and I doubt there would have been a better person to play Florence Jenkins. Hugh Grant is also fantastic, being able to shake off the shackles of his Rom Com days and really make St.Clair Bayfield his own, Grant convinced me the love Bayfield has for Florence Jenkins is real. Hugh Grant makes Bayfield feel like a real person and that deserves to be praised. I would not say that the film is particularly funny, that is not to say that there are no laughs in this for there certainly are but I can't help but feel that the film is more of a tragedy. I will not spoil but the film does make me feel really sorry for Florence Jenkins, I am sure the film wants me to feel bad for her but it does not flow with the themes of friendship vs. profit, and following your dreams against all odds. I would recommend purely on the straight of the two leads alone. Not the best in the world but is certainly worth a watch.
tlarraya This movie is not worth seeing. There is no story worth telling. You expect some twist by the end but nothing really happens. It's good to see the acting of Simon Helberg out of the TV Show "The Big Bang Theory" but that's pretty much it. Nothing else to see. Skip it and do yourself a favor.
rgordon-59262 This is one of those movies you may need to see a few times to truly appreciate it. The gentle performances by Meryl Steep, Hugh Grant and Simon Heilberg are brilliant. Florence is not just generous with her money but with her love of music to the point that she is oblivious to her shortcomings. In time you see where her love of other makes her oblivious to the shortcomings of those around her. In turn they come to love her passion and become passionate in supporting her.