Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess

7.1| 1h26m| PG-13| en

The film revolves around a mysterious girl named Éclair who appears before Fairy Tail, the world's most notorious wizard's guild. She lost all of her memories, except for the imperative that she must deliver two Phoenix Stones somewhere. The stones may spell the collapse of the magical world, and Natsu, Lucy, and the rest of the Fairy Tail guild are caught up in the intrigue.


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LouHomey From my favorite movies..
Pacionsbo Absolutely Fantastic
Cleveronix A different way of telling a story
Megamind To all those who have watched it: I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.
Samiam3 Nastu Lucy and the gang assist a young Maiden (eclair) in her quest to find and protect a stone that has the power to awaken the destructive Phoenix. Meanwhile an ill minded young monarch of a nearby kingdom is also after the stone.It's a generic story that happens to have the fairy tail cast in it. There is also a 12 min short film in the DVD package which acts as a prologue to Eclairs tale. These 'deleted scenes' have moments of insight and intimacy that do more for exlairs individuality than her entire screen time actual feature.As is often the case with anime features The animation is more fluidity than the show. The biggest problem with the film is that it's rushed. The pace is frustrating several times. For example it ends on a strangely abrupt ill timed note, and then, like most franchise films, the end credits roll over a montage that would have made a far better ending as a whole sceneEven as fan service the film is lacking. There is nothing new in the way of comedy or action. It coughs up most of the greatest hits gags of the show (natsu's bottomless stomach, erzas soft spot for fashion), but the delivery has been better in the show. Phoenix Priestess feels like a mail in. Low on imagination and vision, and relatively bland on eye candy, it adds nothing to the franchise except a new character who probably deserves a better script.
caiollig The film Fairy Tail: Priestess of the phoenix is a amazing eye catching film that kazams the hell out of your mind. I think that this film is one of the best of its year and definitely beats all the other anime films except pokémon. Thanks for reading <3 At the beginning when you see the phoenix priestess it is a big confusing to get your head around as it happens so fast... although when you get your head around it you can feel the determination of the girl trying to escape the attack.Furthermore, later in the film we meet the 4 evil wizards who have tremendous powers that work for the king to get the phoenix stones to unlock immortal life. When you get to the end of the film you see the " phoenix" although i think they could have done a better job designing it as it looks like a dancing Mexican.
Otaku_Critic As a fan of Fairy Tail, I was interested on seeing this movie. At first, I'm all but amazed. But now I'm not that much of amazed.For starters, the art and animation looks great, the action scenes are good and that's about it. The story is well... is like your typical Fairy Tail episode. The characters especially the villains are so forgettable and under-developed. So for me, it has two pros and two cons. Don't get me wrong, it's not that bad. If you're a fan of Fairy Tail, you'll probably appreciate this movie.In conclusion, Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix is okay. Really is appealing to fans like me. But I guess it's not that good to people that are not a fan of Fairy Tail.
EdWrite First off I'd like to say that the 2 reviews I've read are very disappointing although the film is definitely NOT. One was a review of the series rather than the film and the other was by an alleged fan who has ADHD or watched another movie altogether.In this film you are introduced to the guild of Fairy Tail full of lovable eccentric mages. Even if you are not a fan you can pick up the storyline and quickly are given an insight into the rich tapestry of great characters. An earlier criticism from "a fan" was that this effort to introduce the characters and additional scenes could be viewed as filler in the movie. This is not my view, as in reality it was done to ensure this was not just another fanbase movie that only the fans would watch.Within the first 10 minutes you realise that these characters are larger than life and funny as hell. Happy, Natsu's pet flying cat, always has me laughing with great offhand comments and didn't fail to deliver in the movie. Fairy Tail are guaranteed to bring havoc wherever they go but they have hearts so large you can't help but warm to them.What Japanese anime does well,and this movie is a good example of, is combine pathos and fatality with comedy to provide a roller coaster of emotions so that you can be crying and laughing within the same breath.Look at UP, Toy Story and even Wreck it Ralph and you can see how the influence of anime and quality anime such as Fairy Tail has had in this area.I loved the new characters too, Eclair and Momon's story was loving and poignant and if you watch the prologue which was released after the movie as a 15 min short it just enriches the story of these two. It is referred to as Fairy Tail Movie Prolouge - Hoou no Miko aka "Sunrise" or "The First Morning"The Fairy Tail mages I felt were a bit under powered from the series but that does happen when you translate onto the big screen. Still their hearts were just as big and the emotions evoked by fully developed characters just as solid. There are a couple of scenes where there is slight nudity for comedic purposes but nothing graphic.As a fan I'll give it 8/10 as this is a solid example of why after 175 episodes of the series it is still going stronger than ever. Quality never goes out of style and with all the great characters in Fairy Tail there is someone there for everyone.