Easy A

2010 "A comedy about a good girl a small favor and a big rumor"
7.1| 1h33m| PG-13| en

Olive, an average high school student, sees her below-the-radar existence turn around overnight once she decides to use the school's gossip grapevine to advance her social standing. Now her classmates are turning against her and the school board is becoming concerned, including her favorite teacher and the distracted guidance counselor. With the support of her hilariously idiosyncratic parents and a little help from a long-time crush, Olive attempts to take on her notorious new identity and crush the rumor mill once and for all.


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Hellen I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much
Ensofter Overrated and overhyped
Freaktana A Major Disappointment
RipDelight This is a tender, generous movie that likes its characters and presents them as real people, full of flaws and strengths.
Prismark10 Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) is a high school student who lies to her best friend Rhiannon that she has lost her virginity. The lie goes round the school and quickly she is regarded as a slut and soon Olive dresses like one.To prevent her gay friend Brandon from bullying, they pretend to have sex at a party while the others listen to their screams from outside the door. Later Olive helps out a fat friend by letting him say that he went out with her in exchange for some gift vouchers. Pretty soon a student who gets Chlamydia tells everyone he got it off Olive as it was the easier thing to do.However Olive's life spirals out of control as nobody sees the real her. Men just want to use her. Even her easy going parents are concerned about her.Easy A is the epitome of efficient writing. If you are a budding screenwriter or want to make your own movies, just make a careful study of it. It even wears its influences on its sleeves. Everything referenced to in this film, it will come back to later. As an example Olive is studying the book The Scarlet Letter at school. Well Olive gets branded as a harlot and she plays up to it by wearing even more revealing clothes with a big label A. Olive mentions 80s brat pack movies of John Hughes. At the end of the film there is a pointless song and dance number just like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I did like the reference to Huckleberry Finn that would later come back like a boomerang.Easy A is fresh and amusing with charming performances from the cast, especially Emma Stone. However it is not as clever as it thinks it is and the wheels fall off as the film goes along. For a start I find it hard to believe that Olive is the only high school student who has had sex!Many of the characters are paper thin and one dimensional. There are lazy stereotypes of Christians but the worse is the one Indian high schooler who speaks with an Indian twang.So Hollywood film studios cannot have a second generation character of Indian origin who was born and raised in America in this day and age?
Phoenixphire81 Great movie. Emma Stone as Olive is a likable character, full of sass, attitude and a sharp sense of humour. This makes her very easy to route for as the main protagonist. I really couldn't imagine anyone but Stone in the role....plus those beautiful eyes are just too hard not to fall for. Anyway.... The film is a modern take on The Scarlet Letter (with several references to early versions of the story throughout - just in case you missed the point) and brings the ideas of said story into the modern era, placing it slap bang in the middle of a high school, the perfect place to explore it's promiscuous tone. The film dabbles in themes from its '80s high school' predecessors and even throws in some neat satirical homages to boot. As Olive herself says: "...no, no, John Hughes did not direct my life..." and Will Gluck skirts around the clichés just enough to make Easy A unique amongst it's peers. I really enjoyed this film. Good writing, clever dialogue, solid cast and some genuinely funny moments. Also worth a mention are some wonderful turns from Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as Olive's parents. The whole family unit works a treat..and you can completely believe that they have brought up this sharply intelligent, independent girl.
loverofchelsea Easy A I believe is a blockbuster of a movie that was provided as a springboard for Emma Stone to be noticed for the big screen movie La La Land. A rather satirical piece with intelligent writing in the way the character Olive Penderghast structures how her reputation was going through the motions whilst she was at high school and how she told the story of faking having sex with loads of people and spreading the word around school. A rather noticeable big name cast as well in Amanda Bynes (Marianne), Lisa Kudrow (Mrs. Griffith) and even star of Quantico Johanna Braddy (Melody Bostic) The only thing that stops me from rating this movie higher than I am is the fact of the location and the plot itself of normal teen little shy talked about in middle school around the losing your virginity topic and being obsessed. Would still recommend to see as it does what it says the genre is. A comedy but one that's a little on the funny ha ha and peculiar side.
Fen Fox After watching La La Land, I kind of fell in love with Emma Stone's performance (not Emma Stone... Well, maybe Emma too). Then looked for some of her old performances, which led me to this movie. I liked the narratives, the humor, and those minor plot twists. Other than that, the movie is averagely average. Nothing special. The kind of movie I forget when the screen is turned off ( I didn't forget Emma's face though, maybe because of La La Land). Unbiased rating : 6/10