Dust to Glory

7.5| 1h37m| en

An action-adventure documentary chronicling the most notorious and dangerous race in the world--the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. Rivaling the Indy 500 and 25 Hours of Daytona, the race across Baja's peninsula is unpredictable, grueling and raw--just like the uncharted American West of yesteryear.


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Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
BlazeLime Strong and Moving!
Jonah Abbott There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.
Kaydan Christian A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
Doghouse-6 Not particularly interested in a 1000-mile Baja road race? Don't worry; doesn't matter. As he did with "Step Into Liquid," writer-director Dana Brown hooks you from the get-go, involving you in the subject, the action and, most importantly, the people who participate.Aside from coping with the logistics of producing this film (a remarkable achievement in itself), the lively and sometimes poetic assemblage of breathtaking photography is impressive enough, but Brown (son of legendary documentarian Bruce Brown) takes the endeavor a step beyond; he's not only a skilled filmmaker, but an excellent reporter, as well. He seeks out and relates the stories behind the action and images by zeroing in on the personalities involved, supplying not only context, but the drama that the added human dimension provides. The passion and commitment of the participants can't help but grab you, and their camaraderie and sense of personal connection make you feel welcomed as "one of the gang" at a family reunion (even if a little envious of the fun they're having).Backed by Nathan Furst's rousing original score, DUST TO GLORY is, by turns, thrilling, funny, touching, astonishing and terrifying...and always mesmerizing. Regardless of your personal interest - or lack thereof - it's nigh impossible to resist the enthusiasm behind both the race and the film documenting it. Each, in its own way, is a death-defying feat, and together they provide an experience you'd be hard-pressed to find with many other films. As he's done before with surfing, and now the Baja road race, Mr. Brown turned my "I wonder why I rented THIS?" to an "I'm SO glad I watched this." I begin to get the feeling he could make a documentary about basket weaving fascinating. And if he ever makes one, I'll see it.
Ambar B Capoor What an amazing docu-drama! Expertly filmed and well thought out. I cant even begin to imagine the logistical nightmare for what must have ended up being a terrific assignment. Kudos to the whole crew and Kevin for putting together an awesome film crew! Makes me want to go buy a bike or wish i had my old beat up Subaru to go run the Baja for the heck of it! Maybe they can do a part tow that has even more in-depth interviews with some of the greats and maybe even get Mario to run the full course! He should not have any problems getting sponsors! I feel sorry for all the assistants who probably spent days trying to get the silt out of everything! Probably stills falls out of nooks and cracks when they least expect it! Ha ha!
Michael DeZubiria Dana Brown follows up his spectacular surfing documentary Step Into Liquid with the spectacular race documentary Dust to Glory. I just read the unemployed critic's review in which he asserts that Dana Brown had some kind of ulterior motive in imposing meaning onto the race itself which was never there to begin with and doesn't fit with the material anyway, which is outstandingly wrong. Then again, he also called Step Into Liquid "lukewarm," so the fact that Brown's next film blew over his head as well is hardly lightning out of a clear sky for unexpectedness.Brown highlights the human aspect of the Baja 1000, a grueling, 24 hour race down the length of Baja California, but the movie is only peppered with scenes about the race, because it's not about winning, it's about being out there with so many other like-minded people, and the people you meet and the adventures you have along the way. It's amazing to see people in million dollar trucks racing on the same course as people driving un-modified Volkswagen Beetles, and the film manages to overcome the tendency to identify other drivers as cars rather then people.Brown's narration is just as effective as it was in Step Into Liquid, and it is clear in both films that he is fascinated with the subject material and is not simply reporting it. Interestingly, he describes the Baja 1000 at one point as the longest nonstop endurance race in the world, which is not even remotely true. The Race Across America has taken place every year since 1982, and is a 3000 mile transcontinental endurance race on BICYCLES, no less. Let's put it this way. By the time the Baja 1000 is over, most riders have not taken a single break from riding in the Race Across America. They generally ride for about the first 40-50 hours literally without getting off the bicycle, then they stop and sleep for 90 minutes, then get up and get back on the bike and ride 22 1/2 hours a day until they get to the East Coast. The Baja 1000 is truly an impressive event, but as an endurance race it doesn't even compare to Race Across America.Nonetheless, Brown again displays his skill in bringing the wonder and excitement of such an unusual event to the screen, telling the story thoroughly and entertainingly, and certainly leaving me wondering what marvels he'll focus on next.
bobwaggoner Independent movie making at it best. Documentary with great plot,suspense,characterization and "characters". My wife even liked it -- a lot! On the way home, she even asked if the steering and suspension was loose on our car, or was the road just a little bumpy? The cinematography was awesome as well. The feel of this place called Baja was overwhelming. It was almost a space odyssey filmed right here on Mother Earth. Not sure I ever want to go there, but for a couple of hours I vicariously enjoyed watching the people who do.Obviously, if you like anything with wheels, 2 or 4, that go fast and compete, you will like this movie. However this film really excels when it exposes the human drive in us all for what we do -- that special trait called Passion.