Dom Hemingway

2013 "I want my money plus interest… and a present"
6.2| 1h33m| R| en

After spending 12 years in prison for keeping his mouth shut, notorious safe-cracker Dom Hemingway is back on the streets of London looking to collect what he's owed.


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Nessieldwi Very interesting film. Was caught on the premise when seeing the trailer but unsure as to what the outcome would be for the showing. As it turns out, it was a very good film.
Hayden Kane There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes
Sameer Callahan It really made me laugh, but for some moments I was tearing up because I could relate so much.
Marva It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,
betty dalton Opening scene: Jude Law gets a blowjob in prison and while he is at it, he is praising his c*ck. Praising it in a way a painting or another work of art should get praised. Very coarse and obnoxious, but in a hilarious way. That is to say if you are into blunt drunk violent behaviour. It is all done to correctly portray the working class violent gangster Jude Law. The story: Jude Law, playing an obnoxious,violent gangster who has just been released out of jail after a 12 year prisonterm. Jude Law kept his mouth shut during his 12 years prison term to protect a crime boss. Now he is a free man again and comes to collect a reward for his 12 years of silence. Things go terribly awry however once he is about to collect his reward at the villa of the crimeboss. How bad things turn out to go wrong, THAT is what this ludicrous, terrific story is all about.One of his best roles ever. Surprising role, because Jude Law has always portrayed the more sophisticated characters in the past. His obnoxious, rude character in "Dom Hemingway" is hilarious though. Further on in the movie the gentler side of this rude gangster is revealed in a very charming and endearing way. What makes this movie go beyond just another gangster portrait is the fact that Jude Law tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter. Will he succeed in winning her trust back again after 12 years in prison? Or will he keep on going down the drain in endless bar fights and failed heists?Not suited for the faint of hearted who might easily get offended by swear words. The movie must have broken an absolute record in swearing. I loved it. The director/writer truly made an art in writing the most eloquent, stinging cussing dialogues.Endnote: Lots of good punkrock bands are present in the soundtrack. Terrific music. Exactly suited to be the backdrop of this working class gangster from the eighties. Loved it.
shakercoola Just when you thought Lock Stock fever passed in the night, it returns to camp for ninety more diabolical minutes. Jude Law plays a former prisoner and larger-than-life safecracker who is profane, crude, mawkish and dangerous. It's a black comedy about an ex-con making sense of his past in order that he may move on. Jude Law may have enjoyed himself but his chewing up of the scenery, ranting and raving is done to such redundancy that viewers will surely be nonplussed if not repulsed. Grant's tinted spectacles is about as impressive as he gets.
Armand story of a too honest thief. not convincing, not seductive. maybe nice. an easy work far to use a high level of ambition. a comedy who could be only mixture of different pieces for a show about nothing. old scenes, Jude Law in a sketch of role, no direction, moral lessons, chaotic, strange and childish.the end as a knife cut. that is all. and the only error is the absence of purpose. nothing credible, nothing interesting, only few characters and crazy situations, mixture of flavors and a lot of clichés. the story of the poor thief is not a bad idea but, in this case, the tools for create it are not the best. but, that could be only a detail. or, only a kind of uninspired parable.
storyguide-axel After 12 years, Dom Hemingway (Jude Law) finally gets the Call. It is time for him to leave prison and collect what is owed him. 12 years in prison have really fueled this guy's hatred and there are plenty of things to take care of, like the man who stole his wife, the man who got him into jail and who owes him and lastly, the daughter who wants nothing to do with him.There is a lot to dislike about this guy, but for some reason, I don't. Dom is a loser, but he just doesn't know it. Dom has all the self-esteem that a man will ever need, and yet, his life is falling apart around him.Dom Hemingway is not an original movie, but thats OK, all movies doesn't have to be original to be worth watching. This movie, like Dom, has just the right amount of self-esteem, arrogance and cockiness, it believes that it is more than it is, and that makes all the difference. Jude Law delivers a great performance as Dom, especially the scenes where he rambles (like the opening scene), and the scenes where he tries to win back his daughter, is where Mr. Law earns his wages. I don't mind that he is a bit over the top, that is, as far as I am concerned, the strength of the movie.Dom Hemingway is a movie in the tradition of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and RockNRolla, only... better, if you ask me. It wants to tell us a story about a man, a man that we all know, a man that we can all relate to, it is not just here to entertain us, it is here to convince us that it has both heart and soul.Last words... don't expect this movie to change your life, but watch it regardless, and take a moment to reflect over the things that are worth changing in your own life. It won't give you answers, but it might just give you the kick in the balls, that sends you in the right direction.