Despicable Me 2

2013 "Back 2 Work"
7.3| 1h38m| PG| en

Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to help deal with a powerful new super criminal.


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EarDelightBase Waste of Money.
Titreenp SERIOUSLY. This is what the crap Hollywood still puts out?
Exoticalot People are voting emotionally.
LouHomey From my favorite movies..
Miguel Neto Despicable Me 2 was it really necessary? In my opinion Despicable It closed me very well, it was not necessary a continuation, but as it had remained twist, the film at least is legal, but it was a fact that could not surpass the first (that this far from being a masterpiece), The direction and most of the cast is the same as the first one, we have a new character that is Lucy that the Gru falls in love, and she was not so well developed, she is a character that does not add to the plot, Well the same thing, the Minions once again have the highlights, but I still do not like them, but in those they have some legal participation, the final '' battle '' of the movie is fun, and Gru in my opinion remains the best thing Of the film, the best moments are with him, the soundtrack is cool, there are moments that the Minios sing in the movie, but I do not like it. Note 7.0
Filipe Neto This film is the more than expected sequel to "Despicable Me", which is naturally motivated by its huge box office success. The script revolves around a theft of a chemical formula that turns the most harmless creatures into monsters. The central characters of the first film are back, but the entire script is a poor excuse to make a sequel and revolves around the Minions, clearly the stars of the film, almost obscuring the main character. It's worth watching this movie just because of them. It was a conscious bet of the production team, given the explosive popularity reached by these little yellow creatures similar to cheese snacks. It worked. He managed to make the film a success. But the quality of the movie lost with that.The plot also plays with romance involving Gru or his eldest daughter. This is a more interesting and appealing subplot but its not enough to make the film truly interesting. This is an adventure movie, not a romantic story like "Lady and the Tramp", "Beauty and the Beast" or others. And the truth is that this film has a lot of funny, it's very romantic but it has little adventure and action, and the public that hoped for it later felt disappointed in their expectations.This movie is not bad. But it's also not as great as the first movie was. The first movie was a good story, with good characters, an excellent comic vein and good animation. This movie had all of this except the good story, which should be the center of everything else. It's still funny, but that is not enough to make it a great movie.
rbn_lrk-1 So I just saw Electric Dragon review Despicable Me 2.After the first Despicable Me became a hit another one followed.Those who made this is a cult following was the Minions.Also the line it's so fluffy.Now Gru and his friends are back in style.This time Gru must face a female villain he also falls in love with.In the meantime the Minions fools around as usual.More gadgets, more interesting secret lairs and on.That if you look away from the Minions, but they do not distract.It's no 10 time Oscar worthy movie, so enjoy a light spy computer animated cartoon instead with your whole family.9/10
raqueltmnunes In Despicable me 2 Gru has now left his villain days and is focusing on contributing positively to Margo, Agnes and Edith's lives by being a parent and even attempting to run his own Jam business. He tries to live a normal life until Lucy who is apart of the Anti villain league approaches Gru to get involved in a new mission. When Gru declines the offer it is then evident that he has changed and now prioritises his family by being selfless, even though being a villain will always be apart of him. In the end Gru is able to save the day and balance his life and make everyone proud of him, even the unexpected.. his mother. This movie has humour and not only enjoyed by children but adults to.