Billy Elliot

2000 "Inside every one of us is a special talent waiting to come out. The trick is finding it."
7.7| 1h50m| PG-13| en

Set against the background of the 1984 Miners' Strike, 11-year-old Billy Elliot stumbles out of the boxing ring and onto the ballet floor. He faces many trials and triumphs as he strives to conquer his family's set ways, inner conflict, and standing on his toes.


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VividSimon Simply Perfect
Ceticultsot Beautiful, moving film.
ShangLuda Admirable film.
Mathilde the Guild Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.
georgiamknight A great heart warming film that touches the soul of its viewers. Billy Elliot is funny, and tender, the mother and son relationship between Billy and Mrs. Wilkinson is certainly endearing to any audience.
elizrug I can't say enough about this movie. It shows the angst of growing up poor in a mining town in northern England, and the struggles a family has when they go on strike. During this we see how Billy finds himself through dance, going against convention and against his own family. Some scenes are hard to watch, especially with the father, but they are played so well. The last scene of the movie brings tears to my eyes every time I see it and it will do the same to you.
Lucy Bonette Rewatched this yesterday after not having seen it for years. Such a beautiful story with so many elements. I'm not a crier during films, but this has some very gripping moments. Of course, Billy is played very well by Jamie Bell. But I also want to highlight the father, struggling to raise his boys in a tough environment and having lost his wife.~ SPOILERS ~ My most emotional moments were when he had to burn his wife's piano, when he decided to go back to work, when he went to the pawn shop. Oh, and when he caught his son going to a riot and realised what it all had come to and he couldn't stop him. What a tough life! So well played.Grandma gave the film some air and funny moments. And Billy himself of course.Just a beautiful film.
Patrick Nackaert Set against the backdrop of the strikes at the UK's mines, young boy Billy Elliott discovers his love for dance. He finds opposition within his dysfunctional family but the love isn't set to die out.The most remarkable of this entertaining movie is the young protagonist's (Jamie Bell) performance. It stands out to the others' more hesitant portrayals of struggling individuals.The emotional evolutions the characters undergo sometimes lack credibility. However, it is compensated by the creative depiction of the raw reality of the UK's 1980s. Another strong point is that the film takes the children's point of view. Often insecure, they try to cope with the big and small things in life. At the same time, the adults around them display emotional struggle as they haven't managed to cope.This is no movie for children, despite the character's young age. Interesting themes as family, hopes, unprocessed emotions are mixed together in this enjoyable feel-good movie.