Beyond Paradise

5.7| 1h41m| PG| en

Haunted by a tragic past, a stunning music student flees her homeland and ends up in an estranged marriage in Los Angeles, where her piano teacher's lover sparks a passion in her that threatens to destroy everything.


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Cubussoli Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
Artivels Undescribable Perfection
Ava-Grace Willis Story: It's very simple but honestly that is fine.
Dana An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.
phd_travel A woman moves from Iran to California and an arranged marriage. She falls in love with her piano teacher's gardener. Quite a timely topic since there is this ongoing deal with Iran. Interesting to see a movie about someone from there. The flashbacks could have been enlarged to show more contrast. Franca Raisa acts quite well - very different from her "Secret Life" role. For an American Latina actress she pulls of a Middle Eastern look and speech quite well. At times her character acts a bit too brazen for someone who came from a supposedly repressive regime. Daphne Zuniga is quite good as the sick piano teacher. Ryan Guzman and Franca look right together but why was his character so idiotic at the end? The ending is just terribly clichéd and predictable. I won't spoil it but it makes you feel like you wasted time watching the movie.
Zoya Shybkouskaya ​I really enjoyed watching this beautiful ​original​ ​love​ story​ starring Ryan Guzman. He did a great job playing poetic lover, usually I saw him as an action hero in films. There are many romantic moments in the movie, which remind me of ​great​ amour​ films I watched when was living in Europe. BEYOND PARADISE​ is full of unexpected moments​,​ and the dialogue is​ fresh and very well ​ written​.​ Plus the movie has RUMI & LORCA's love poems. Also the music score contains captivating classical music (Tchaikovsky) and Eastern music.​ ​ I recommend the film as it also ​deals with​ very deep ​current women issues​, which will touch everyone. I watched it on iTunes platform, which I usually use for watching the films, but it's available everywhere now.
dmitrysuetin I have not seen such a good well developed story in a while. The film is full of artistic moments: classical music ,poetry, good acting. I liked the cast,I saw that they delivered and brought to the screen a very powerful story. I was actually very impressed that this romantic love drama touched such a strong subject and talked about women rights. You don't really see much of important, urgent topics in romantic movies and this was amazing, that the director was able to combine all the elements in his movie, and touched the topic of violence against women. The movie is well made and need to be seen and shared among people . Highly recommend this poetic drama for everyone.
penelopeworleyfilm A quiet film that can easily be discarded as just a romance with two good looking young film stars (Ryan Guzman and Francia Raisa), but it touches on many social issues, such as surviving breast cancer, cultural differences, women's rights and violence against women. What makes this film unique is it's ability to combine classic poetry (Rumi and Lorca) with classical music (Tchaikovsky, Iranian music)weaving the story through its journey. Also note worthy are the other actors: Daphne Zuniga, Misha Crosby, Maz Amini and Yareli Arizmendi. This isn't a film you want to put on in the back ground while doing laundry. Watch it for its many subtleties.

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