Annie's Point

2005 "Sometimes life takes a detour"
6.9| 1h28m| en

A recently widowed grandmother is determined to grant her husband's last wish of setting his ashes free over the idyllic bluff they called Annie's Point. The charm of this tale lies in her journey.


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Exoticalot People are voting emotionally.
Anoushka Slater While it doesn't offer any answers, it both thrills and makes you think.
Davis P Annie's Point is such a cute family friendly film! Betty White stars as Annie and Amy Davidson (8 simple rules) co-stars as Annie's granddaughter Ella. The movie is completely clean and is meant for family viewing, and I suggest watching this one if you have a family with younger kids. The writing is cliché sometimes, but it's sweet and if you are choosing to watch this movie, then you should expect some cheesiness from it. The movie is funny in some scenes, touching and emotional in others, and then ultimately inspiring. It centers around Annie taking a road trip from her home in Illinois to a place her and her husband wanted to live on the California coast. Amy and Betty have good chemistry on screen together throughout the entire film. I suggest Annie's Point if you are looking for a cute movie to sit and enjoy one day.
conleytgwinn Though predictable throughout, this was a surprisingly entertaining caper for two lovely ladies. Betty White was Betty White. I have never figured out her mojo, and though I normally despise the comedy in which she plays, I find her individually compelling surrounded by hosts of other famous actresses. Even aside from the silly bits (the skinny- dipping episode, the escape from jail) she alone would not have been enough to lift this picture to a 7, BUT: The gem for me was the discovery of Amy Davidson (I am a neanderthal who had not before noticed that she is beautiful, much less that she is creditable as a singer: I am not real big into chick flicks or comedies, so I suppose I miss a lot. Too bad I had been missing Amy along the way!) I see Amy had a long-running role on 8 Simple Rules - another show I clearly should have but never did watch. I do not like most comedy enough to threaten to find some old DVDs of the show. With Amy, now a six.Richard Thomas played an older John-boy, having accepted the role within the movie of reluctantly serious businessman; and did well enough to make me twice curse his failures to accept his mother's right to run her own life. Plus one for his role as the son. I did like Amy's version of Flying On My Own (Ella's song) from the movie, and hope that all those who stated problems identifying the song eventually found it. All in all, quite a favorable review, for a movie that was at times silly, but always drew me back into the plot.
mark.waltz There is nothing Sue Anne Nivens or Rose Nylon about Betty White's widowed grandmother here. She is simply your typical loving yet feisty older lady who refuses to let her advancing age stop her from doing what she wants to do. Her son (Richard Thomas), having taken over her late husband's construction business, isn't willing to drop what he's doing every time she needs him for something, and as a result, she feels neglected by him. But deep down, he is more than concerned, and actually rather demanding of her changing her lifestyle. That includes moving into an apartment. Realizing that a recommended heart operation might cost her her life, White decides to go do the things she has always meant to do, which includes visiting a few old places where she shared her life with her late husband. Tagging along (reluctantly) is her rather shy granddaughter (Amy Davidson), a talented musician whom White determines to bring out of her shell.There are some definite connections with "Thelma and Louise" here, an odd combination of today's youth and yesterday's jitterbugger. The focus is on the relationship between the two women, with Thomas a typical too busy to be involved son who learns lessons and wakes up to his mother's quest for life before its too late. You can't help but adore White, and Davidson is a good young actress who shows depth and humanity. They have some wild (if unbelievable) adventures, which include getting arrested for skinny dipping in a private residence and escaping from jail as well. White is very amusing in a scene where she pretends to be blind to make some cash while sketching people at a town fair. Anybody who has a memory of an old house long gone from their lives will appreciate White's desire to see her old homes. This is an entertaining family drama that rises above its predictability thanks to a TV star whom we will always thank for being a friend.
edwagreen Annie (Bette White) wants to disperse her husband's ashes at a locale in California that they had named Annie's Point. Annie needs a bypass immediately and she wants to send out the ashes on her 50th wedding anniversary.The plot is seemingly ridiculous and White recruits her song-loving granddaughter to accompany her on this cross country trip. The film has shades of Geraldine Page's "The Trip to Bountiful." Problem is that it isn't half as good.With the kerchief tied around her head, White looks like an elderly Russian babushka (grandmother.) If you need a bypass, you don't go running around the country. Take it from me.Richard Thomas plays Annie's son. He has inherited the business and tries to be a work, work, work sort of guy. He is also a widower.The film centers on the adventures of Annie and granddaughter. She affectionately calls her Ella-bear.There is a scene when the two land in jail for trespassing and a nostalgic meeting with Annie's brother. The latter, 20 years younger than Annie, has not seen his sister in nearly 30 years.We've seen so much of this material before handled a lot better.