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7.7| 0h30m| TV-14| en

Major Crimes explores how the American justice system approaches the art of the deals as law enforcement officers and prosecutors work together to score a conviction. Los Angeles Police Captain Sharon Raydor heads up a special squad within the LAPD that deals with high-profile or particularly sensitive crimes.


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Unlimitedia Sick Product of a Sick System
Lawbolisted Powerful
Catangro After playing with our expectations, this turns out to be a very different sort of film.
Robert Joyner The plot isn't so bad, but the pace of storytelling is too slow which makes people bored. Certain moments are so obvious and unnecessary for the main plot. I would've fast-forwarded those moments if it was an online streaming. The ending looks like implying a sequel, not sure if this movie will get one
SnoopyStyle After the departure of Brenda Leigh Johnson, Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) takes over the Major Crimes unit in the LAPD. It's the TNT spin-off of the TV show, The Closer. She takes an interest in street kid Rusty Beck who witnessed a crime committed by serial killer Phillip Stroh. The group from The Closer is maintained. It's essentially the same show with a different lead. The addition of Rusty brings a different tone to the chemistry. Often, the serial killer overlay is disruptive to these types of police procedurals. The difference is that Billy Burke is a really compelling actor and he's not the common masked unknown killer. Mary McDonnell is solid as a replacement. It's simply a very functional police drama. The last season is more binge-worthy as it consists of three multi-episode stories. Provenza continues to be the fun comedic side although Flynn's domestication has tamed his character. I wonder if there will be a third incarnation of the franchise. That would be nice.
PalPam This is such a great ensemble cast that it could go on and on. It survived Kyra Sedgwick leaving; don't know why Mary McDonnell had to be killed off, but it could continue. Why not Jon Tenney in the lead as the Chief of Police of that division? There's no reason for it to end. Great people. Great stories. It's proven it's an entity unto itself. Bring it back with a new name.
sposeido6 I thought I'd be sad to see the series end much like with The Closer. But, if I had to endure one more scene with that character, Rusty Beck, I'd seriously consider picking up the mantle from Philip Stroh.
nramsay-17368 I used to like this show when it ran the first couple of seasons, but recently it's more about Rusty's homosexuality and other romance than police shows. If pushing this homosexuality garbage in our faces doesn't stop VERY soon, I'm bugging out. I don't watch this to see 2 men kiss who are too immature to know how to act or solve conflict. I'm watching it for entertainment about police crime solving.