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4.7| 0h30m| en

The everyday lives of working-class residents of Albert Square, a traditional Victorian square of terrace houses surrounding a park in the East End of London's Walford borough.



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BBC Studios Drama Productions


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ThiefHott Too much of everything
Moustroll Good movie but grossly overrated
Beanbioca As Good As It Gets
Fleur Actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence in this affecting drama.
rodrigolaguna Back in the 2000s, this was pretty good stuff to watch and practice my English, I liked the characters, the story lines were better than the actual ones...they were simply based on a daily view of your street, but as a lot of Londoners say, that is not a real East End.When you go to London you see different things, people are not always in fights and they don't do silly things like putting labels on ALL the things in your Square, They don't do a giant scandal just because you broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, and so on...It is not 100% REALISTIC if that is what you want to know but if you wanna have a good laugh, this soap is for you!
EECritic As a former fan of this show, it's rather sad for me to admit that this show has definitely gone downhill with lazier writing.Before, EastEnders use to tackle a variety of things but made sure that it was built up instead of just popping out of nowhere. The cast also seemed more believable at the time and they've always managed to keep their viewers interested and entertained by clever pacing, twists, characters, performances and overall pacing.Unfortunately, even EastEnders cannot stand on it's two feet for that long anymore. It has gotten to be pretty lazy with repetitive affair plots, pregnancy plots etc. For how repetitive the writing can be, it can also make it pretty unrealistic and that applies to he newer cast as well which is a shame because some characters like Vincent are really good.Do I think this show can still improve? It depends on whether they can cook up something fresh or new because otherwise I'd say they need to take a break.
FrenchFraud Eastenders is not, and will never likely be on a level with, say Dickens or the like for all its attempts to deal with topical and real issues like rape, drug addiction, domestic abuse etc. No serious reviewer should really be comparing it to say, "the Wire" - sorry I can't think of a better example.It is a junk soap in which bad things constantly happen to largely mundane people, and this is the lifeblood of soaps - bad, scandalous things happening to people all the time. Yes, this is the central premise for plot writing in soaps, and perhaps EE takes it to the max; the writers have found that the script which adheres to it doggedly will get the highest ratings. This has been likely been proved by ratings analysis and other forms of feedback over many years. (Maybe it reflects badly upon society as such, but anyhow, I digress)One should accept this as such, and realise it is meant to appeal to a more perverse side of the viewer, that enjoys a good scandal, or feud unfolding. It has much in common with many reality shows in its aims of engaging the viewer through formenting personal conflict and general drama. It seems like both (EE and reality shows) are equally contrived.Many of the characters are stereotypes really, or at least seem like cardboard cut outs of cockney people, though they are sometimes "fleshed out". This can be interesting (like the treatment of "real life" issues/themes), but often it is unconvincingly done (as with the characters themselves anyway); I think all these themes and introspections are just fodder for the drama craving viewer, despite aspirations of being something more. Just enjoy the drama (go and find another soap if you don't like the demographically incorrect east end setting; I'm told east London is basically an Islamic fiefdom now). Stay away if looking for something that is a)cerebral, b)non cockney or c)non relentless drama.
maxandjamesmediastudies I watched this when I was completely intoxicated and I watched half a minute of the first ever episode.Due to my soberness at the time (sarcasm intended) I very much enjoyed what I was presented with (a swiss roll) and I ate it whole.Eastenders, on the other hand, was miserable. The only bit I enjoyed was the Audi A4 car chase, but they weren't going fast enough to make it even slightly disturbing.I did however, find the time to go through my kitchen cupboards and locate a nuclear missile, of which I fired through the air.Eastenders, I did not care for it. xoxox