Deadman Wonderland


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7.2| 0h30m| TV-MA| en

Ganta is the only survivor after a mysterious man in red slaughters a classroom full of teenagers. He's framed for the carnage, sentenced to die, and locked away in the most twisted prison ever built: Deadman Wonderland. And then it gets worse.


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SpuffyWeb Sadly Over-hyped
Merolliv I really wanted to like this movie. I feel terribly cynical trashing it, and that's why I'm giving it a middling 5. Actually, I'm giving it a 5 because there were some superb performances.
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
Dana An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.
reftrout When I watched this show I got hooked and watched the rest of the shows. To my dismay I found out that it was only 12 episodes. Out of curiosity I read the manga for the first time in my life to find out what happened to the characters. To no surprise it was pretty good. So why haven't they made a 2nd season? The content is there but they didn't finish the anime. Leaving it half finished... I just hope that this show will get enough attention and out cry that it will get its ending that is deserves because if you are someone that read the manga like me you will feel the same. Plus, if they finish the show I think it would be the best anime out there.
Asadullah Khan Action. Gore. Brutality. Fan service. Craziness. Abuses/curses. This anime is definitely aimed at a more adult audience. It starts off with a bang so I was interested in it from the get-go. We don't get any explanation about the world, the setting, the event etc in the start. Instead, we get bits here and there in almost each episodes, this increases your interest about finding out everything. The protagonist is your usual clichéd kid who gets some kind of special power but doesn't know how to work it yet etc. I thought he would be yet another wimpy annoying brat, but thankfully he didn't go in that department far enough and he grew on me. Aside from him, there are TONS of other characters, many who are pretty good, my favourite being The Crow (Shinji), who also has his own OVA, which was great. There is a lot of good action, cool looking powers and techniques and LOTS of gore. Plus, the anime thrives at displaying it in a brutal manner. The soundtrack was decent too, which helped elevate some key moments. It's a crime that this anime was only 12 episodes long. They could have made it 24 episodes long and fleshed out the large character cast a lot because it just felt rushed in the later episodes. Also, it is sad to see there is no sequel for it since we don't really get to see a proper end of the story, many of the stuff is just laying around, begging for a sequel. I hate it when this happens.Even though it doesn't end the story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for some gory action and interesting setting. 8.3/10
Durdur752 *** This review may contain spoilers ***Like seriously, the first episode is kind of a giveaway as to how stupid the characters are. They accuse this kid of slaughtering an entire classroom and then sentence him. On top of that, these people watch other prisoners die doing these games and no one thinks it's real?? I got as far as halfway through the tenth episode when the main kid is saved from a bomb (disguised as a computer chip) and everyone sees that it explodes. THEY ALL GET MAD BECAUSE NO ONE REALIZED IT WAS A BOMB...EVEN THOUGH THEY ALL SAW IT EXPLODE...HOW CAN THAT BE A THING. Then the guy who betrays them shows up and shouts out that he betrayed them???? COME ON. I can't stand to watch any more of this crap.
kierstynle Deadman Wonderland is definitely a great anime, filled with lots of action, gore, and psychological themes. However, it is not a show for kids. It contains lots of violence, plenty of gore, and strong profanity. The main character is Ganta Igurashi, a normal teenage boy. However, his entire class is slaughtered and he is the sole suspect. All evidence points to him (even though he is totally innocent), and he is sent to Deadman Wonderland, Japan's only private-run prison. This is no ordinary prison. Prisoners can participate in deadly obstacle courses and games, with the reward being 'cast point's, the prison currency. At the prison we meet Shiro, a mysterious and very eccentric girl who we learn is Ganta's childhood friend. Ganta finds out he has a power called Branches of Sin, which allows him to control his blood.He vows to destroy the person who killed his friends, whom he calls The Red Man, with his newfound power. This anime is very gory and intense, but I highly recommend it as it is an awesome anime.