A Very English Scandal

7.7| 0h30m| TV-14| en

It's the late 1960s, homosexuality has only just been legalised and Jeremy Thorpe, the leader of the Liberal party, has a secret he's desperate to hide.


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Precisett This movie is magnificent!
Cleveronix A different way of telling a story
AshUnow This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
Ezmae Chang This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
rocketmike-82795 Love this show. Fascinating. Well written. Great acting. Impressive.
Jim Mullen Tate (TheFearmakers) Has a nice binging style for half of the series, after which it becomes much too obvious what the agenda is i.e. whose side the creators are on. The supposed hired killers are keystone cops, shown so vapid and clumsy it's impossible to believe they'd ever be considered for the assignment had it been... assigned in the first place. Hugh Grant seems to be doing an imitation of Jeremy Thorpe or of the memory of Jeremy Thorpe being a hypocritical English Liberal Party member who is gay while trying to kill his former gay lover. If Grant played the role more naturally or likeable, it might seem like he was taking the wrong side in the matter and playing him contrary to the ultimate conclusion that, once you see the old, contented, real life, openly-gay "victim" Norman Scott smiling into the camera, it's obvious that A VERY ENGLISH SCANDAL was, all along, one man's story and his story alone. The problem is: The best moments, in the show's rudimentary stages, had both characters shown as flaky, flawed, desperate human beings (despite ones power and the others lack of) and, for that, both were initially and equally intriguing.
drednm Hugh Grant stars in this 3-part miniseries that looks at the political scandal that brought down Jeremy Thorpe in the mid 1970s. Thorpe lives a freewheeling life as a member of Parliament in 1960s London. He eagerly pursues young men on the QT for one-nighters while maintaining his work in Parliament. He's part of a small circle of old Oxford students who share like sexual tastes and who can keep secrets. When Thorpe meets young Norman (who works as a stable boy) he falls into a long-term, on-and-off-again relationship. The trouble is that Norman is a tad unstable and a big drama queen. Thorpe stupidly writes letters (it's the early 1960s), which Norman keeps. When Thorpe grows tired of Norman and tries to throw him over, the young man begins to make threats.Norman grows more and more unstable and wanders around the country, falling in and out of relationships. Every now and then he sends a threatening letter (blackmail really) to Thorpe. As Thorpe becomes politically more successful, it becomes more and more important to shut Norman up.Thorpe marries and has a son. He seems the very soul of a solid family man. Only a few know his secret past. Eventually Norman goes to the police and blurts out his accusations more than a decade after the fact. He starts babbling to anyone who will listen about how Thorpe used him. Desperate, Thorpe instigates a plan to kill Norman, but it gets botched and eventually the loose ends catch up with Thorpe when Norman files suit against him for attempted murder.Grant is absolutely superb as the devious Thorpe. Over the 3-parts of the series he runs the gamut from randy man about town to serious husband and father, and finally to grim middle-aged man facing a serious threat. Ben Whishaw is also excellent as the loony Norman whose life is almost hysterically out of control.Others in the cast that stand out are Alex Jennings as Peter, Patricia Hodge as Mrs. Thorpe, Adrian Scarborough as Carman, Michele Dotrice as Edna, Eve Myles as Gwen, and Monica Dolan as Thorpe's wife.Beautifully done with a sharp sense of British wit and charm. Directed by Stephen Frears.
Montessahall Montessahall I never relized Hugh Grant had this amazing ability as an actor. This true story account along with the remarkable cast is spellbinding. The story takes the viewer on the full range of emotions from tragedy to humor. Simply brilliant!