Working Girl

1988 "For anyone who's ever won. For anyone who's ever lost. And for everyone who's still in there trying."
6.8| 1h54m| R| en

Tess McGill is an ambitious secretary with a unique approach for climbing the ladder to success. When her classy, but villainous boss breaks a leg skiing, Tess takes over her office, her apartment and even her wardrobe. She creates a deal with a handsome investment banker that will either take her to the top, or finish her off for good.


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Greenes Please don't spend money on this.
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Lumsdal Good , But It Is Overrated By Some
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
Ian (Flash Review)Griffith's character is the secretary of her boss; Weaver. Griffith has some good business ideas and shares one with her boss who secretively claims it as her own. Griffith finds out and exacts an intelligent revenge and along the way dabbles in a little romance with Ford's character who has some connection to the business idea. The story is straight forward and well-acted and is moderately believable pending your perspective. The cinematography is TV quality and 1988 has the worst styles as the 80's were quickly fading out and the 90's hadn't quite taken hold yet. Just awful. Overall, it's a solid women power film with A-List actors taking center stage.
ericventura The epitome of cliché, Working Girl takes your typical rags to riches story taking place in the male-dominated business world, inserts strong female characters, and turns the film into a particularly good feminist anthem. While the movie does have strongly developed themes, it is not good. It's a funny romantic comedy, but that does not excuse the blatant, overdone stupidity of the whole production.There is nothing special about this movie. Nothing technically appealing, visually stunning, or cinematically special. So the screenplay, in order to make this banal movie more appetizing, flips the gender roles, making this rom-com more interesting, but ultimately the same movie. Better and more sophisticated than Clueless (1995), it still falls far short of When Harry Met Sally (1989). The people making this film must have patted themselves on the back for their clever film, failing to see the façade that it truly is. They put a masquerade mask to hide the pathetic truth of this movie. But it's really just a bland and unseasoned chicken with a little salt sprinkled on top.The acting of a few of the primary characters is quite good, while others fall as short as the film. Both Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford act well for the role, but not much more. However, their dynamic together is truly felt and earns the film at least one point for some authenticity. Sigourney Weaver's performance seems tasteless and stiff, typical of the mean boss. Joan Cusack is the only true star in this movie, capturing the energy and eccentricity of her character, creating humor and making her scenes enjoyable.There's not much else to this bland film. At least, it was funny.
Irishchatter I really adore this movie and good Lord, so many people with big hair back then! Joan Cusack didn't look too bad with that hairstyle, she really looked so hip back then! Who knew she would be known as the voice of Jessy in Toy Story within the next decade?! Honestly I'm happy she was discovered and of course, part of my childhood. Anyways I love how Sigourney Weaver was just the bad sexy villain in this, she is just stunning like, why did Harrison have to deny her? Haha I liked how the story was set, especially the beginning where we can see a close up of the Statue of Liberty and the whole view of New York in the 80's. It's such a shame that the twin towers are not there anymore and the fact, it said some of the scenes took place in one of the towers offices. It's just amazing in movies on how you don't mind the background set, unless you read it somewhere to find out that there's a history behind it all!I loved the acting, the romance and the humour in this film. It deserves a 9/10 from me definitely ;)
EffMJay I just re-watched this and I was so pleasantly surprised at how well it stands up after time. The performances are all terrific, the chemistry between Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford is very very sexy, Sigourney Weaver is very very funny as the villain, and every single one of the supporting roles ( Kevin Spacey, Oliver Platt, Joan Cusack, Philip Bosco, to name a few) are perfectly cast and performed to perfection. In addition, the writing is funny brisk and sharp and Nichols' direction is the same.Although a light comedy, it captures perfectly the essence of the corporate New York office culture in the early to late 90s. For those on this board who keep writing this off as a "fairy tale," as something that simply couldn't happen, I have two words for you: Carly Fiorina :)