The Man from Nowhere

2010 "Nothing to lose, nothing to compromise."
7.7| 1h59m| R| en

His only friend called him 'the man from nowhere'... Taesik, a former special agent becomes a loner after losing his wife in a miserable accident and lives a bitter life running a pawnshop. He only has a few customers and a friend named Somi, a little girl next door. As Taesik spends more and more time with Somi, he gets attached to her. Then Somi is kidnapped by a gang, and as Taesik tries to save Somi by becoming deeply associated with the gang his mysterious past is revealed...


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Ehirerapp Waste of time
Wordiezett So much average
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Voxitype Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.
Yashua Kimbrough (jimniexperience) Mysterious man befriends a little girl who's mother steals drugs from a crime boss. As punishment, they kidnap the girl and her mother and use them as bait to make Tae-suk do their bidding. The police are on Tae-suk trail as he treks down a bloody path of drugs, organ harvesting, loan sharks, andd children runners .Classic slapstick humor from cops and villians, The daughter does a good job acting , high-beat ending compared to most Korean thriller endings
orfredericks Cha- tae sik is the man from nowhere and is a introvert special ops agent who has been running a pawn shop for years. A young girl so-mi, tries to befriend him but he does not confide in her presence, but little does he know that her mom is a stripper and is not much of a father figure to so-mi. Furthermore, the Chinese mafia and South Korean gangs trade drugs and tapper with Organ harvesting. So-mi's mother takes heroin from the gang and they both get kidnapped for messing with the wrong people. Hence, Cha-tae sik tries to save them. Moreover the Korean gang calls Cha-tae sik in order to settle a dispute against the Chinese mafia and if he does this, Cha-tae sik will receive so-mi and her mother back safely. However, Chae- tae sik is deceived and the Koreans kill the mother anyways and harvest her organs for sale and turn her daughter into a drug ant (child drug trafficking). That is why i love this film so much because it does not sugar coat anything or give anybody the Hollywood hope that is really looking for, it exploits the raw and cruel nature of humans using others to their advantage and not caring. A growing number of South Koreans are turning to the illegal websites and black markets to advertise the sale of their organs in order to overcome financial challenges and or debt. Furthermore, police are batting an eye away from the illegal organ harvesting and illegal organ trafficking is clearly on the rise, arrests relating to the practice have decreased, showing an unwillingness on the part of police authorities to crack down on the problem. Along with economic hardship, lack of donors in the country is also contributing to the rise in illegal organ trafficking, because the dependent population of men and women is so high (men and women ages 16 - 64) there is a lack of organ donors to support those in the home country of south Korea since the youth population is so small. Thought provoking question: What would you do if someone offered to give you 50,000,000 dollars for your organ knowing that your chances of survival are low due to the organ you are giving up is a vital organ the helps you function with your everyday activities?
Prashast Singh Movie: The Man from Nowhere (18)Rating: 4.5/5Since I saw the film's Indian remake first and enjoyed it as well, I will write just a brief review, as most of the praise has come out in the review of the remake ROCKY HANDSOME.THE MAN FROM NOWHERE is one of the best South Korean action films as it provides great action, while also combining it will emotions and thrills. The film is full of scenes that have gone down into the filmmaking history as "classic". Since I already knew the entire story due to having seen the remake, I wasn't surprised but was still very impressed. Won Bin is a perfect actor, and his performance will make you remember him for long. Kim Hee- won is decent and plays his part well. Kim Sae-Ron is quite decent in the role provided. Same for rest of the cast.The action, as I said before is great. What I didn't mention is that it's "dynamite" in impact.Lee Jeong-beom's the MAN FROM NOWHERE is undoubtedly a smart action film which is entertaining of course, but also quite different from most action films.
magilroy The Man From Nowhere, directed by Lee Jung-beom, completely blew my expectations away. Going into the movie, I was a little biased as an American that held a false global perspective. I imagined that since this movie was produced in Korea, that it would not be as professional nor good as an American movie. I also thought the language barrier would make the movie even more unappealing. I was completely wrong. This movie is one of the best movies I have ever watched. The language barrier was nonexistent for it was fixed with subtitles and the annoyance was never apparent because the movie was too good. The director portrayed the main character as a quite, mysterious person who owns a pawn shop, and Lee later develops the character's backstory throughout the movie as people investigate him. The ties between family and the pawn shop owner's past are discovered and bring emotion into the film. After his neighbor and her daughter, who he has formed a connection with, are taken by drug lords, he attempts to save them. While dodging the DEA after being set up by the captor of his neighbors to fighting multiple villains, we watch our main character, a juggernaut, as he dispenses of as many enemies as it will take to find his neighbor and her daughter. Eventually, he manages to pinpoint the head villains and take them down one by one. The ending of the last fight scene, which I won't spoil, is extremely satisfying and a giant relief and makes this movie even better. This movie deserve a ten-out-of-ten rating because it was incredibly enjoyable to watch and was well directed.