Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

1995 "Ready for your deadtime story?"
6.7| 1h32m| R| en

Ex-soldier Frank Brayker is the guardian of an ancient key that can unlock tremendous evil; the sinister Collector is a demon who wants the key so he can initiate the apocalypse. On the run from wicked mercenaries for almost 90 years, Brayker finally stops in at a boarding house in New Mexico where — with the help of its residents — he plans to face off against the Collector and his band of ghouls, preventing them from ever seizing the key.


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Jeanskynebu the audience applauded
Pluskylang Great Film overall
Matialth Good concept, poorly executed.
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
Jeremy Killgore This movie is great. A shocker, Billy Zane had a few good movies. This is one of them. The story, the effects, the back story, character interaction all work. I would agree. Take a few moments of your life to sit back and enjoy a great horror film. I think find something in the film that you will enjoy.
Tss5078 For 7 seasons, Tales From The Crypt was one of the most imaginative shows on cable. Fellow fans of the show will remember that it wasn't about the blood and gore, but the interest in the show came from it's unique characters and that amazing twist at the end, that is why I made Demon Knight my Halloween movie. The film start with an exciting chase and a mysterious man who shows up in a small New Mexico town. He is a protector against the dark forces that mean to take over the world. Once his location is discovered, he and his fellow halfway house residence are surrounded by demons and must survive the night. The shows was 30 minutes of pure intrigue, but the films, which are obviously longer, have been huge disappointments. While you still get those unique characters and stories, they still only have about 30 minutes worth of story to tell. That means they have to fill the rest of the film with a lot of gore, and trust me, it gets old in a hurry. The lead is played by veteran character actor, William Sadler, who has never really been a star. He's been in a ton of stuff, and everyone knows his face, but he's never had one character that you can really identify him with. He was pretty good in Demon Knight and most certainly fit the interesting character, but personally I felt he was a little too old for the role, as seen in many of the action sequences. Sadler has a ton of help from a large supporting cast, including a then unknown actress named Jada Pinkett. Demon Knight wasn't a bad film, but it's certainly not what I've come to expect from Tales From The Crypt. The film was much to straight forward and lacks that interesting story we've come to love over 7 seasons. If you're a die hard fan of the show, I'd recommend seeing Demon Knight, but if you're not, then you can really skip this one.
gwnightscream Billy Zane, William Sadler, Jada Pinkett, Thomas Haden Church, Charles Fleischer, CCH Pounder, Brenda Bakke and Dick Miller star in this 1995 horror film based on the TV series and horror comics. This begins with the infamous, Crypt Keeper (Voiced by John Kassir) directing a cheesy horror film before presenting this tale. It takes place in Wormwood, New Mexico and Sadler (Die Hard 2) plays drifter, Brayker who is chased by a collector (Zane) searching for an ancient key he possesses. Brayker is able to get away from him for a short while and comes to a run-down motel where the residents are about to be trapped in a nightmare. Soon, a battle of good and evil occurs when the collector comes revealing himself as a demon and Brayker is revealed to be a Knight fighting against the forces of evil. Pinkett (Menace to Society) plays Jeryline, Fleischer (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) plays square postman, Wally, Bakke (Hot Shots! Part Deux) plays prostitute, Cordelia who is also Wally's love-interest, Church (Spider-Man 3) plays her rotten boyfriend, Roach, Pounder (End Of Days) plays Irene, the owner of the motel and Miller (Gremlins) plays drunk, Willy. This is a great horror flick with a good cast, especially Zane and Sadler, good score and grotesque make-up effects. I recommend this to any horror fan.
amnesiac12001 "DEMON KNIGHT" is a criminally underrated masterpiece of 1990s B-cinema; I argue that it stands with other genre siblings like THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS and DEAD ALIVE as an overlooked gem composed of everything enjoyable about the horror movie experience.DK is incredibly fun. Bloody, gory, goofy fun, but it's also quite surprising. It accepts its limitations, both financial and thematic (due to being a "Tales From the Crypt" project) and embraces them with all the enthusiasm and grandeur it deserves and some that it doesn't. It accepts that its premise is fundamentally far-fetched, but also accepts that to the characters, its nothing short of completely real, and so the story and the cast treats it as such and that is what sets it above other, disappointing kitsch horror films that stray into the meta or take themselves overwhelmingly seriously for an underwhelming concept.What sells this film more than anything else is the cast; it's a testament to the craft to watch them work here. They never wink to the audience or treat the material with disdain, but instead, give it all they have (without veering into parody or kabuki), and that sells the importance necessary to invest in the characters and care about their plight. Virtually everyone in this film except Dick Miller is cast against type, and given a character in stark contrast with the ones they are usually given in films and TV outside. The most notable is Thomas Haden Church, who devastates his charming, adorable iconic role of Lowell in "Wings" as the loathsome, irredeemable, belligerent Roach. Sadler in particular is affecting as Brayker, who is a character of such quiet dignity and resignation that I truly wonder why he hasn't been offered more roles like this since. The true standout, however, is Billy Zane, who has such unparalleled charisma and humor that had this film been recognized at its time for its greatness, Zane would be remembered for The Collector and not for TITANIC. Zane's performance as The Collector is nothing less than on par with Christoph Waltz's Landa in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.If that sounds like hyperbole, then you have yet to see the evidence to the contrary.You really can't go wrong as a horror movie fan, casual or serious, with giving this film a go. Even if you don't find it to be your cup of tea, you'd be hard pressed to argue that it wasn't worth your time.DEMON KNIGHT is actually worthy of your time. Give it a shot.