Python 2

2002 "The beast is back."
2.7| 1h29m| PG-13| en

A man, his business partner, and his wife are enlisted to transport an unknown object from a Russian military base, only to discover that the object is a giant, genetically-altered python.


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MamaGravity good back-story, and good acting
Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
Dorathen Better Late Then Never
Fatma Suarez The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful
GL84 Hired for his transportation services, a former mercenary and his wife accompanying a secret convoy to a Soviet military base find it overrun by a gigantic snake and must battle the creature to get out alive.This here turned out rather decently overall, though it's better than might be expected. The location being kept in the darkened military base underground with its tight, cramped quarters and endless corridors always it to have a bit of a creepier feel than expected, especially when it winds itself up and really lets loose in the second half. That it focuses on the more traditional forms of suspense with its wailing cry off in the distance and being hidden away in the location makes these scenes far better than expected, and generally makes it quite exciting at times. While it does provide a nice body count within, the fact that the CGI for the snake is so ludicrous that it rarely looks realistic enough and really takes that away from the film. Also quite flawed is the fact that it doesn't really have a sequel feel to it, with little to connect it to the first one other than one character, and that's not saying much else for it. It's also got a tendency to fall into cliché far too often and feel reminiscent of too many other films when it could've done something unique with the material. That quality with the CGI, though, is the film's real true falling grace and what holds it down.Rated R: Violence and Language.
Chase_Witherspoon Fugitive ex-baseball star and his Russian bride find themselves the unwitting pawns in a CIA-led mission to recover a giant, highly agile python that has been unintentionally released from its cargo hold by Chetynan rebels, and is now on the prowl at a Soviet military base.Generally, the acting is either very pedestrian, or totally over the top, with stereotypical characterisations of mobsters, mercenaries and military types, all of whom attempt to exude too much sentiment for the depth of their characters. The film largely takes place on a military base, in which, a supposedly crack team of commandos hunts down and attempts to capture the giant reptile, with catastrophic results for most concerned. It's formula 'catch and kill' stuff, and plays out like a video game. Only Zabka's mildly tongue-in-cheek performance offers any hint of talent, his presence the fragile pedigree to "Python", although despite, ostensibly, playing the same character, the persona are vastly different. Mackinnon's accent is painfully erratic, with an obvious Australian drawl surfacing in moments of despair, while perennial Russian-mafia typecast Binev, is becoming something of a staple in these types of movies, making a virtual 'guest' appearance as a Russian-esque mobster.The title reptile is even less convincing than in "Python", the CGI effects so blurry and poorly scaled, that the occasional interaction with a cast member is laughably absurd. Corny sets and cheap-looking outdoor staging is soon surpassed as the film takes up permanent residence on a fictitious military base, thus descending into a cat and mouse game with the snake, while stealth fighters prepare to raze the facility, to silence all witnesses. In spite of the competing threats, there's little, if any suspense, and a poorly executed climax that looks anything but the feared demolition that was to have taken place, to 'neutralise the situation', or 'go black' in the apparent CIA-speak oft employed throughout the picture by Zabka.Overall, if you like big snake movies, then you may be moderately satisfied with this basic offering; on the other hand, if you're more discerning, say, "Anaconda" rather than "Python", then you're unlikely to find it here.
MatrixFan02 Just like the first one, the movie was good, but in this movie the CG snake was better, they had more money so the snake ate people on-screen instead of off-screen. The acting was OK. But on the first movie...the CG snake wasn't good in a few shots. I liked the movie. But...the kicker is there is now 2 snakes, instead of one.that complicated it abit, e.g. how long is the new snake, how was it made, why is it there?. All together I liked the movie, my favourite scene was when the orignal snake was chasing Nalia.
teuthis Someone with Science Fiction clout, but no talent, in TV programming has decided that giant snakes, among the slowest creatures on earth, make frightening movie monsters. Well they don't. I dearly love monster movies, but these snake pictures are simply useless. This one follows the really awful, 'en vogue formula to the hilt, and straight down the slithery slope of utter ennui. In my estimation these "lighter than air, faster than greased pigs" reptiles are utterly without any redeeming "monster" qualities. The snakes are almost incidental to the film. They are so badly portrayed as to have no personality, and absolutely no sense of dread about them. They are mechanical vehicles of the plot, which is terminally boring from the first scene. The only character I even cared about was the beautiful Russian redhead, and that's just because she is so gorgeous to watch. It seems that the director just didn't know how to portray people with any sense of timing or reality. The characters, and the acting, quickly fell apart under vague and vapid direction. The plot was never in attendance. The film seemed to drag on forever as inept warriors pointed their fancy guns into dark corners, and blasted away at cartoon snakes to no discernable avail. The snakes moved much faster than the action. I felt that the director was simply trying to figure out how to prolong this mess long enough to eke out the requisite 90 minutes, sans commercials. It didn't work. Avoid this mess unless you are addicted to lovely redheads.