Playing It Cool

2015 "Love... it's a balancing act"
5.9| 1h34m| R| en

A young man meets and instantly falls in love with an engaged woman.


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Micitype Pretty Good
Pacionsbo Absolutely Fantastic
Limerculer A waste of 90 minutes of my life
Lollivan It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
leroyacurso Sometimes, it's great just to turn over control of your brain to your TV set and let it entertain you. This movie has a simple plot that follows the the typical rom com formula with a few twists. However, in my opinion, it has likable characters and a likable plot. Overall, it's a fun use of an hour and a half!
Magsi Rover (magsirover) Excellent choice of Music selection, love the editing and the cast— wow, I think Chris Evans nailed this one really well. I like the semi- narcissistic introduction of the movie, and I think it really worked well for the overall production of this movie. Story-wise, I've watched a few (okay, maybe not a few but a Ton of Rom-coms) and this one really has a very different feel. The characters were relatable for writers and also to those who want to find another perspective when it comes to love itself. I won't really reveal more about this story but, I will tell you this—it has one of the best romcom scene's that I've ever seen.
Gate Keeper Playing It Cool has its cake and almost eats it too. The film knows that average no-brainer romantic comedies are dopey, but insists on delivering one anyways. When Chris Evans isn't playing Captain America, he still makes for a charismatic lead in downplayed productions. There are some funny quips within the circle of self-entitled screenwriters Evans' character surrounds himself with. The friendship they all have with each other feels authentic. The pack is made up by a sensitive Topher Grace, an aloof Luke Wilson, an amusing Martin Starr, and Aubrey Plaza using her knack for dry wit once again. The latter buddy is a nice addition since this proposes a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World reunion for Plaza and Evans. Playing It Cool has all the flare of a project brought to us by first-time filmmakers who are still brushing up on how to – funny enough – play it cool. Playing It Cool is worth a look.
hthbrr2 This movie left me speechless it was so bad. It took me a while to be able to review it since it was so bad I had no idea where to begin.Well first of all a DOUCHBAG of a guy, yes I do not root for this @ss#0le at all, pretty much uses/lies to/abuses women. Why? Because his mother left him as a kid? REALLY? LOL MOST people have no real parents these days. Divorce rate is 50%. You MOSTLY have 1 parent most of the time.SO.... the writers EXPECT the viewer to root for this self-obsessed spoiled brat!? The main character is suffering from what best can be called "Entitled spoiled whiny stupid white boy syndrome." You know those guys that expect the world to revolve around THEM! Wow just disgusting.....He basically USES women as physical objects for his own gain ONLY, then whines/rants about how he has all these problems. So....everyone should care about you and no one else? Don't these women have problems as well? What about their feelings? Oh right sexism....who cares, just terrible.As always with "Entitled spoiled whiny stupid white boy syndrome" the subject just expects everything to fall into his lap. He takes a liking to a girl at an event, RIGHT AFTER insulting all the women at said event to be She is in a relationship. So what does our subject do, steal her away! Wow classic "Entitled spoiled whiny stupid white boy syndrome!"Here is what the writers do, ACTUALLY MAKE THE WORLD REVOLVE AROUND HIM. A woman would NEVER go with a guy that INSULTED her. They make her bf a worse man than our main subject. And the girl that is apparently 'in love' with our subject helps him to get this girl? Wow talk about wishful thinking. These things never happen...More gross things going on in this movie, everyone smokes...disgusting the encouragement of MORE bad behavior. Drink all your problems away...what? Just when it could not get any worse it does! He plans to ruin her wedding! Wow and of course she does not go through with it...random. Bad writing again. This whole movie is warped beyond any realism. NONE of these characters are real. They are even worse than a FANTASY movie. I mean like Harry Potter, at least the characters can exist minus all the magic.... I am assuming it was movies/media like this that encouraged shooters like Elliot Rodger to kill. "Why don't women come up to me?" He actually said it 'happened in the movies.' How sad movies like these exist and some people take them seriously. ENOUGH Hollywood, we see though your (rap. Stop making TOTALLY unrealistic movies. Yes, it's a 'rom-com' but this is too big a pill of lies to swallow!