Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

2015 "She's just a girl who loves a boy who loves a boy."
5.5| 1h29m| en

The bonds between Naomi and Ely are tested when they fall for the same guy.


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AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
Mjeteconer Just perfect...
ShangLuda Admirable film.
Cooktopi The acting in this movie is really good.
nivetha (nivetham-36250) The film's protagonists are best friends from childhood, but it is portrayed very bad. The way that it is shown is, they behave like new friends who happen to have more fun with each others company. The dialogues are sometimes too fast to understand. The only thing I felt new about this film is, the teenage drama happens in a big city where the kids live in an apartment and not in suburbs. So, we get to know how life is in city for kids. Wait; do we really get to know that? I doubt it. I felt it was a high school story thrust on college kids.
Boristhemoggy Victoria Justice isn't beautiful, she's cute and pretty in a childish way so let's get that in there straight away. She spends most of her time in the movie trying to pull cute faces so you will be attracted to her cuteness. And of course it works but that doesn't take away from the awful dialogue and silly story. If you're 14 and exploring love and relationships for the first time then you may find this an amusing film in a faux hipster way, but it does not reflect real life and real relationships so if you do watch it don't ever think that this is how real people act. They don't. Unless they're 14. The acting is actually not bad, but the story, the cute girl and the handsome boys aren't enough to carry this movie through. It's good background noise if you're a teen alone with a date and wanting to get to first base.
gracietaylor This movie is a Disney channel-ifyed version of one of my favorite books. It seems like they filmed the first half of the novel and then realized they were out of time and just filmed the last scene. Naomi's redemption arc was almost entirely cut, which makes the movie awful. In the book, Naomi starts as an awful, unlikeable character and Ely as a spineless follower in the Cult of Naomi. Naomi was supposed to realize she was an awful person who uses others and learn from that. When Ely and Naomi make up at the end of the movie, they're still the same people as before only with a boyfriend(Ely) and a job(Naomi). Also, Ely is reduced to a stereotype of a partying gay 20-something, instead of being the driven multifaceted character he was in the novel. I understand cutting scenes for time, but the novel was thinner than my pinkie - you'd think someone would figure out how to keep the important scenes.
Jessica Hatterman Naomi and Ely's love story is one for the books. This film is raw and unique and so captivating that I could barely take my eyes off it. Victoria Justice was nothing short of amazing and, dare I say, destined to play this role. Her performance was flawless and I enjoyed every bit from start to finish. As for the storyline, I have yet to view one like it. Naomi's fascination with Ely paired with their admiration for men was a modern twist of brilliance on the writer's part. Who would have thought the "No Kiss List" would challenge their friendship so greatly?This movie is fun, witty, and full of emotion. From its urban atmosphere to its modern appeal, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to be caught up in this storyline with Naomi, Ely and their hilarious friends. Each character was so well developed that their chemistry together just radiated off the screen. And the different dynamics shown throughout the film made it all the more relatable and realistic. I couldn't have pictured a better way to end my evening and will definitely be recommending it for years to come.