Hostel: Part II

2007 "Each year, over 10,000 people in America are killed with firearms. Approximately 2,000 more are stabbed to death. Americans...they have no imagination."
5.5| 1h33m| R| en

Three American college students studying abroad are lured to a Slovakian hostel, and discover the grim reality behind it.


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Hellen I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much
SpuffyWeb Sadly Over-hyped
Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
baileygiannini Hostel (2005) was as terrible as watching paint dry. However, this sequel to the first film takes a new all time low. I wouldn't rewatch this movie even if you paid me. This is far more worse than the first film. It's practically the same movie again, this time with the opposite sex. Having women being the victims and tortured is way more disgusting and sick than watching the men in the first film go through it. If anyone has any brains at all, they will certainly want to do a petition to ban all Hostel films from the US. The one after this awful sequel is the only one that's okay. Hostel Part II features more body parts ripping to shreds and more full frontal nudity. Swearing is here in this film again and it doesn't let up. There's really not much else to say except, the acting is terrible, the special effects are way to gruesome, no imaginary creativitay was done while this movie was in the shooting process and it's just garbage all around. It's a film that I only keep around to remind me of my Grandma. Other than that, I would've thrown it away in the trash can outside of my house a long time ago. The storyline's boring as anything possible. I'd rather look up in the sky and see different shapes of clouds than watch this terrible garbage that was made to rip horror fans off once again. Awful directions and very poorly written was the script when Eli Roth wrote it. Cabin Fever was better than this. I'm waiting to see if Eli Roth can come up with something truly terrifying, not the same rehashed garbage that other filmmakers having been putting out for years on end. From me, this is a huge thumbs down.For an overall rating, I give Hostel Part II0 Stars. (Why the heck did I watch this terrible piece of garbage?)
Thanos Karagioras "Hostel: Part II" is a mystery thriller movie and also the sequel of "Hostel" in which we watch two stories, in the first we follow three American women who change their plans from partying and having fun and lured to a Slovakian hostel by a European woman. This woman promised them seclusion, fun, and romance. After a while, they understand that everything was a big lie since they are about to be sold to the highest bidder who can do whatever he wants with them and even kill them. On the other side and in the second story we follow two men who want to pay in order to join this exclusive club where they can do whatever they want with their acquisition. I have to admit that I expected more from this movie due to the success of the first movie. I had also high expectations from this movie because I liked the first very much and I believe that it was a very interesting movie because of the plot and also because it was the first so, I did not know what to expect. Since I have watched the first movie unwittingly I compare it with the sequel of it and I have to say that I was disappointed by it. I liked the direction of Eli Roth's and I believe he did a great job on it for one more time. The cast and their interpretations were below average and I believe that was the worst of this movie.Finally, I believe that "Hostel: Part II" is an interesting movie that everybody can watch just to spend their time. Do not have high expectations from this movie and you won't be disappointed by it and if you have already seen the first movie then don't expect much from it or think that will even reach the first one. I recommend this movie for everyone to see it either you are alone or with company.
Darkdaxter I hated the first Hostel 1 star, and this film is leagues worse in every aspect. If I could, I would gladly rate it 0. They simply dumbed the main characters down even more and gender swapped them. I thought the pornographic stuff in this first movie was excessive and irrelevant to the plot, but it was at least fun in its own way. Here they reduced any sense of eroticism to pure trashiness (there isn't a single sex scene in this or even much kissing), which begs the question, 'Why is it even in the movie at all?' Even the gore is severely downplayed here with almost all of the action taking place off screen or being shoddily done.One of the few good points of the first film was the believability in the kidnapping and general functioning of a kill club. Now it's somehow an international criminal syndicate with it's dark tendrils in the recesses and pockets of every corner of society (cue the evil laugh). If that were the case, why even bother hiding the club away? They might as well just kidnap people in broad daylight... Which they practically do in this film. I guess drugging people and spiriting them away was too easy, because they forcefully kidnap and restrain each victim here. And then they auction them off. So much for the anonymity. So much easier to torture people when you know their names. So much easier to hide your activities when you leave a paper trail...The kill club worked in the first movie. They didn't show any sort of organizational hierarchy, only goons and scouters. Each client showed up, paid a lump sum in cash, and were presented with a body and a shed's worth of tools. This kept victims expendable. If you promise a specific person, then you have to maintain the merchandise. The rooms were smaller and grittier. It felt almost like a dungeon, but here it feels more like Dracula's cathedral. Not to mention the clients themselves were interesting in the first, but here they aren't compelling at all. It's always disappointing when an artist crafts something, and then destroys a piece of it you thought they understood perfectly in a sequel.I had to force myself to sit through this abortion, watching it in three parts. I mean, seriously, how is the intro even longer and blander? How is there even less action overall? I guess we're putting on kid gloves for the girls because we're supposed to be extra horrified. Anything you thought was done well in the first was lost in translation, and all of it's flaws were amplified tenfold. Don't even bother.
mpurvismattp It appears that I'm in the minority but I think this was a pretty good answer to the first film (which by the way I also found to be pretty entertaining). We learn a bit more about shadowy syndicate that runs the snuf factory and see that their reach and power mirrors that of the fabled Illuminati or something. This time it's some American girls who are the prey and we are also treated to a few would be killer business men (also American) who believe this "bonding experience" will bring them a new found "power" or "killer instinct" in their professional and personal lives. There are some interesting twists and turns along the way that worked in my opinion, that coupled with plenty of blood and guts, gratuitous violence and interesting yet horrific new ways to turn pretty people into well...ugly ones! I also laughed my a$$ off at the final scene. I won't give it away but those damn kids are incorrigible. Lol. I sure hope we see a third one at some point, MORE GORE, MORE GORE!!!