Death Race 2

2010 "10 killer drivers, 20,000 rounds of ammo. 1 survivor."
5.6| 1h40m| R| en

In the world's most dangerous prison, a new game is born: Death Race. The rules of this adrenaline-fueled blood sport are simple, drive or die. When repentant convict Carl Lucas discovers there's a price on his head, his only hope is to survive a twisted race against an army of hardened criminals and tricked-out cars.


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SnoReptilePlenty Memorable, crazy movie
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Maleeha Vincent It's funny, it's tense, it features two great performances from two actors and the director expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don't know what is happening for the majority of the run time.
Geraldine The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.
Ben Larson Lauren Cohan (Walking Dead) definitely makes this movie worth watching. No matter what happens, just having her on screen is a plus.Prisoners as entertainment is what it is all about. First, they fight to the death and, when the public tires of that, the Death Race is started.Winning the race gets complicated for Carl 'Luke' Lucas (Luke Goss), as kingpin Marcus Kane (Sean Bean) wants him dead before he can testify against him, and has a $1 million bounty on his head. he even gets partner Katrina (Tanit Phoenix) in on the act.What comes next is just too bizarre to believe, but it is certain that September Jones (Cohan) is on borrowed time.
sean-576-221093 First off, I'm not sure how anyone could like this movie. Aside from the boobs all through the flick, there is nothing to like. Horrible acting, poor miss calculated fight scenes where its ridiculously clear right from the first fight that their are not hitting each other. The way I see it is I feel I have to review this movie. This movie went right to DVD simply because if they charged people money to see this movie, the viewers would have set the place on fire. Do not buy this movie, seriously. Stare at the cover for an hour, it will be much more fulfilling.
Michael_Elliott Death Race 2 (2010) * 1/2 (out of 4) This direct-to-DVD flick is being sold as a sequel to the 2008 film DEATH RACE but it's actually a prequel and tries to show the early history of the man who would become known as Frankenstein in the following film. In this film, Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) gets sent to prison after killing a cop in a botched robbery and once there he realizes that a female wacko is filming death matches between the prisoners. When the TV ratings on this drops she decides to make it more interesting by offering a race to the death, which would give prisoners their freedom. DEATH RACE 2 has a lot of tough talk but the film never backs any of it up and in the end we're left with a pretty lifeless movie with no guts or glory. The biggest problem is that everything in this movie is pretty tame. This includes the story, the action, the violence and the blood. Now, I understand that the 2008 film was a "pretty" version of DEATH RACE 2000 but why on Earth would they deliver something so tame in this prequel? I mean, you know you're going straight to DVD so why not deliver something fun, wild and over-the-top? The filmmakers didn't even have the guts to show Lucas as a bad guy and just wait until you see how they filmed the cop getting killed. The producers wanted to make sure that you still liked this guy no matter what. Even worse is an incredibly awful love story that is thrown in for no apparent reason. There's a reason romantic comedies don't have bloody violence so the producers of this film should have realized that the people renting a movie called DEATH RACE 2 don't want romance. Goss isn't too bad in his role but he's really not given much to do. Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo both pick up paychecks, which they both deserve. The rest of the supporting cast is pretty much what you'd expect in a film like this. DEATH RACE 2 isn't a complete bomb but it's pretty useless and fails on most levels that should make it a fun exploitation film.
dukevega Bad Case of Sequelitis (and Mistitled Too) WHAT SUCKED ABOUT THIS MOVIE1) Title. When you have a number after a title, that usually means "sequel", not "prequel". Better titles could've been "Death Race: The Beginning" or "Death Race: Birth of Frankenstein".2) Lead character. Another criminal with a heart of gold, only this one has somehow managed to not only make a career out of it (being a criminal, not a hero), but earn the trust of a crime boss (Sean Bean doing a ridiculous accent of some kind). Right.3) Plot. If you have a movie about vehicular carnage, give us some ASAP, do not wait for an hour to finally get to it, okay?4) Logicality of plot. I know in action movies real-world facts have no place there; if you want a revolver to fire 7 bullets without reloading, then it can. But when you have a woman hanging on to a speeding car wrenching a Minigun—-which weighs over 200 pounds—-out of its mount, pointing it backwards and firing it without being knocked off the car, that stretches plausibility past the breaking point for me.5) There will be another sequel / prequel. What will it be about?WHAT WAS GOOD ABOUT THIS MOVIE(Crickets chirping) RECOMMENDATIONSWatch any other "Death Race" movie, your time will be much better spent. I personally prefer "Death Race" over "Death Race 2000", but that's just me.