Cake: A Wedding Story

2007 "The law of weddings according to Murphy."
5.4| 1h33m| en

When two star-crossed lovers, set on eloping, are forced into having a big wedding, the bride develops a plan of her own. Unfortunately, the groom is not privy to the plan. Meanwhile, family and friends start to take sides at a reception for a wedding that never took place!


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WasAnnon Slow pace in the most part of the movie.
Nonureva Really Surprised!
Matrixiole Simple and well acted, it has tension enough to knot the stomach.
Sarita Rafferty There are moments that feel comical, some horrific, and some downright inspiring but the tonal shifts hardly matter as the end results come to a film that's perfect for this time.
rudymoonluna This is a funny film. GW Bailey from famed "Police Academy" and more recently "The Closer" is great! It's good to see him in this kind of role again! It's a wild roller coaster ride all about getting married, dysfunctional families and misunderstandings.Joe Estevez also has a major role in it and as always he delivers the goods.To direct such a large ensemble cast is difficult, but director Will Wallace pulls it off. Showing the dysfunction of families can be tricky if not done well or with some taste, but this film really displays it in a comedic way. Watch it and you'll see exactly I'm talking about!