Bed of Lies

5.7| 1h40m| en

Bed of Lies is a fact-based 1992 made-for-ABC television docudrama starring Susan Dey and Chris Cooper.


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Stellead Don't listen to the Hype. It's awful
HomeyTao For having a relatively low budget, the film's style and overall art direction are immensely impressive.
Rio Hayward All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
Scotty Burke It is interesting even when nothing much happens, which is for most of its 3-hour running time. Read full review
Claudio Carvalho In Texas, the waitress Vickie Daniel (Susan Dey) is separated from her husband and raises her two children alone. When she meets the wealthy lawyer Price Daniel, Jr. (Chris Cooper) that is the son of the governor in the dinner, he offers his service for free to get her divorce. During the process, they have a love affair and they marry each other as soon as Vickie is officially divorced. They move in to his house and soon Vickie has two other children with him. Meanwhile she realizes that her husband is alcoholic, addicted in marijuana, bisexual and abusive, and she asks the divorce to him. During an argument, Vickie shoots Daniel to death and she goes to the court to defend the custody of her children and her innocence. What will be the sentence?"Bed of Lies" is a TV drama with a story based on a true story. What really happened in the fateful night nobody but Vickie knows, but considering that she was a person from the working class that won a case against a powerful family in Texas, it seems that justice was made. The hot Susan Dey is convincing in the role of an abused wife and the efficient Chris Cooper has also good performance. The screenplay is restrained and the references to the bisexuality and the "unnatural sex" practiced by Prince Daniel are subtle. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): "Cama de Mentiras" ("Bed of Lies")
sol (Some Spoilers) True story of the shooting of Texas favorite son Marion Price Daniel Jr., Chris Cooper, on the evening of January 19, 1981 by his wife Vickie, Susan Day, and the trial that followed that traumatic event.Price being of the bluest of Texas blue-bloods who's father Price Daniel Sr. was the Governor of Texas from 1957 to 1963 and who's great-great-great-grandfather, on his mothers side, was non other then the founder of the Texas Republic Sam Huston had everything going for him but choose to marry the local ice-cream girl at the Dairy Cool in Liberty Vickie Moore. Vickie who was married at the time caught Price's eye who for some strange reason he became infatuated with. At first everything was just wonderful for the newlywed couple with Vickie raising a family and Price being a lawyer until that one fateful afternoon when Vickie going shopping in town sees Price running for office on the TV news. The pressure of politics and family life starts to tear the Daniels apart with Price getting constantly drunk and later even taking to smoking pot. When Price's bid for getting elected Attorny general of Texas fails he begins to become abusive not only to Vickie but their children as well. Price also starts to cheat on Vickie but not with any women but his live-in manservant Jimmy, Derck Wiliams,who he spends more time with, and buys more gifts for, then he ever did for Vickie and the kids even in better times. Prices actions get more and more bazaar and his drinking and pot smoking get so out of hand that Vickie wants a divorce from him and also have custody of the children since he's in no condition to care for them, much less himself. All this tension and violence eventually leads to the horrible night of January 19, 1981 the very last day of Marion Price Daniels life. The trial of Vickie Moore Daniel is more or less anticlimactic since after the shooting of her husband all that mattered to her was who will care for the children if she was convicted of her husbands murder and put behind bars. Vickies lawyer Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, Fred Dalton Thompson, almost stole the acting honors with his controlled as well as folksy defense of her actions and the conclusion of the movie came as no surprise at all to those of us watching it. It was also the chemistry between Susan Day and Chris Cooper as the famous and troubled couple, the Daniels, that made the movie "Bed of Lies" far better then you would have expected from a made for TV-type film.