Addicted to Fresno

2015 "They always find a way to get off."
5.4| 1h25m| NR| en

Two co-dependent sisters, a recovering sex addict and a lonely lesbian who work as hotel maids in Fresno, go to ludicrous lengths to cover up an accidental crime.


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Cortechba Overrated
CrawlerChunky In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.
Allison Davies The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
Mathilde the Guild Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.
blanche-2 Natasha Lyonne and Judy Greer star in "Addicted to Fresno," a 2015 film. It seems to have been done on a low budget, but the movie looks good.Lyonne is Martha, who is allowing her sex-addicted sister Shannon (Greer), recently thrown out of rehab, to stay with her. She also gets her a job at the motel where she cleans. While having sex with a resident, Shannon accidentally kills him. The women cover the body with a sheet dump him in a laundry cart and take him to a pet cemetery, asking the owners to cremate their Great Dane and the laundry cart. Unfortunately the wife of the owner sees it's a body, and blackmails them for $25,000.When knocking over the local sex shop only elicits dildos, the women decide to rob a Bar Mitzvah. In the meantime, Martha has had to break up with her girlfriend, and finds a trainer at the gym is attracted to her - but she's too busy trying to take care of Shannon.Fun caper movie, full of sex talk and foul language, with good acting by both women. I thought the story and the situations were amusing. There is a slight serious undertone, but it fits in well with the film. The outtakes at the end are entertaining.I don't know if everyone realizes what a huge feat it is to do an independent film. From the credits at the end, many people were involved. Kudos to them.
ecf-48492 Addicted to Fresno is full of artfully-crafted deadpan situations that probably created quite a few amusing bloopers. The star Natasha Lyonne has great control of her expression. The other actors and actresses complement her talents well, but she really stood out.Presumably, this was a low budget movie but nevertheless the cinematography was excellent. As a photographer, I often was impressed with how well the lighting was controlled (for example, the poetry scene on the loading dock; scenes in the hotel hallway, never a good lighting situation; the pet cemetery scene). OK, maybe most people wouldn't care about these details, but if the producer had not properly lit these scenes, the movie would not have been as pleasant to watch even if nothing else had changed. Appreciate what you don't notice as much as what you do notice.Don't look for any deep philosophical plot; just take the movie as the comedy that it was intended to be. Loved it.
Argemaluco I'm not sure whether Addicted to Fresno is a tribute to the fifth biggest city in the state of California, or a bitter revenge from one of its native daughters (screenwriter Karey Dornetto, who has worked for excellent TV series such as Community, South Park, Arrested Development and Portlandia), who seems to be perversely enjoying to laugh at the suffocating weather, absence of culture and supposed apathy from the inhabitants of that region. What I can assure is that Addicted for Fresno is definitely not a good film, despite having various brilliant actresses in its cast; it's truly a sin to gather Judy Greer, Aubrey Plaza, Natasha Lyonne, Jessica St. Clair and Molly Shannon in one film, and not offering them enough material to exploit their talent. The main reason I was interested in watching Addicted to Fresno was Greer's presence in the leading role. This magnificent actress has suffered uncountable "best friend" roles during her long filmography, and she had been deserving a project for herself for many years (even though it can be said that she shares the leading role with Lyonne in this movie). Pity that it wasn't in a good film... I hope the future will allow her to star in films with better screenplays and less irritating characters. In conclusion, Addicted to Fresno is an irritating and unfunny "comedy" (the affair with the corpse doesn't even reach the level of Weekend at Bernie's), and I felt it like a waste of time. Director Jamie Babbit previously made a few films I liked very much (But I'm a Cheerleader, Itty Bitty Titty Committee), and I hope her to recover from this misstep in her next project.
zif ofoz Addicted to Fresno is funny, cute, and makes for an entertaining movie. But something just doesn't come together and I do not know what it is. The setup is perfect, the characters are just cracked enough to be harmless and fun, and the plot keeps your interest. When it is over it just doesn't feel as if it were a fully baked movie.With a great cast of comic actors, each doing their role just fine, you'd think this movie would be a comic hit but it falls flat in the end. And I don't know why! Maybe it's the contrast of the title and the story that don't make sense. Addicted? Maybe not. Just "Fresno" would have been better choice.It is still worth seeing! The group therapy scenes are funny and the pet funeral home scenes are the best!